Work It Out: Group Exercise

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There are several exercise classes offered at Reinhardt this fall, two of the most popular are 20-20-20 and Zumba.

20-20-20 is twenty minutes of cardio, twenty minutes of strength training, and twenty minutes of core work. Stacy, the instructor, kicks it in to high gear immediately with cardio. Punching, kicking, and sweating through the first twenty minutes, Stacy shouts motivational things like, “One more rep!” and “You guys are doing good!”  After twenty minutes of aerobics comes the strength section. Stacy demands heavier weights with, “Guys, come one. Go get heavier ones”. The twenty minutes of strength training include bicep work, leg work, and shoulder exercises. The core section of this workout is where it really hits home. Twenty minutes of crunches, planks, and pushups will leave your trunk sore. 20-20-20 really hits all your muscles leaving participants feeling accomplished and sweaty. The workout begins 5pm, Tuesday night in room 214 of the Brown Athletic Center.

Those not blessed with coordination and grace should not fear Zumba. While this high-intensity workout does require a certain level of skill to master the dance steps, the instructor focuses more on keeping everyone moving and less on precise footwork.  The upbeat Latin music combined with all the different moves really keep participants on my toes (literally). Our instructor said that burning 400-800 calories in the hour is possible, depending on the intensity. If you’re looking to lose weight or just wanting to have some fun, come to Zumba! It starts at 5pm on Thursdays in room 214 of the Brown Athletic Center.

Candice Bailey


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