Freshman Nightmares: Locked Out

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Eat dinner, finish homework, and sleep. Nowhere in my plans for Monday night did I include waiting for five hours to get into my dorm room.

After returning from the store, my roommate and I found my key incapable of unlocking the door, with her key trapped inside. Not long after the realization, I called Residence Life to fix the situation. First the RA on duty arrived, then Public Safety tried to work their magic, and finally various workers tried their hand at opening the door. Nothing worked. Master keys and crow bars weren’t able to open the door, unless we wanted to rip it down and wait weeks or even months for a new door.

Even though I wasn’t into my room until late that night, not once did any of the workers give up. After working diligently for over four hours, one locksmith suggested the only way to enter the room was through the window, a procedure that would not be available until the next morning.

Knowing I would be sleeping on the suite room couches that night, my suite mates and I prepared to eat dinner, which I missed while waiting for the door to open. Within half an hour, the locksmiths returned with a new idea. They want to take the lock and handle out of the door in order to replace it the next day.

Finally, I was able to access my room once again and finish what work I could. Although, the procedure took longer than expected, I’m very pleased with how diligently Residence Life, Public Safety, and various maintenance men worked to get my roommate and I back into our room.

Next time anything happens in the residence halls, be sure to call Residence Life or Public Safety. Never try to fix it yourself, or else you could be sitting outside your room for five hours trying to merely unlock the door.


Written By: Lexi Brendel, Freshman Staff Writer


  1. You wrote an article on it!!! <3

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