Prayer Group Brings More Than Just Religion to Students

Photo taken from Overflow's meeting place.

Photo taken from Overflow’s meeting place.

Overflow, founded by Isabella Novaes and Tirzah Carroll, is a prayer group that evolves around God and those who come together to seek a higher purpose. Isabella said,  “Overflow is all about Jesus… Completely.” She emphasized that even though this is a Christian group, all people of different walks of life are welcome to join.

The idea of Overflow is not to judge, but to love as the Bible directed. At Overflow, “the words come off the pages of the Bible and God is alive.” says Isabella.

So every Monday night, from 8:30 until the last person leaves, a few people come together to speak, pray, and relax. Overflow serves a “home” for everyone who comes in.

Despite the fact that Overflow revolves around Jesus, it is not an organized religious group with a set of rituals. Isabella said that “It is God who moves,” so she never knows what to expect from the meetings. Every Monday differs from the last, but everyone leaves a bit bewildered at the events that transpire while the group is together.

To anyone who doubts the power of God in Overflow, Isabella says that even though “religion has pushed God away, [he is a] God of love and a God of Experience and he is worth giving a chance.” That is the point of Overflow, to bring experience in the fullness of God to all who join the family.

Overflow meets every Monday at 8:30 pm in West 317.

For more information contact Isabella Novaes:


You can also find the Overflow Blog at:

Vanessa Irie, Staff Writer

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