Fly on the Wall: Reinhardt’s Pesky Parking Problem

Photo by Parker Bennett.

Photo by Parker Bennett.

You know what really pisses me off? Parking, that’s what.

I know. That sounds like a stupid thing to get excessively angry about but at Reinhardt, it is completely acceptable. There’s always that one guy that likes to mess everything up by parking in a non-existent parking space right in everyone’s way. It’s just one of those things that makes you want to write a strongly worded note and leave it on their window or kick their tires a few times. There’s not a single student on campus that doesn’t know what I am talking about.

At the front entrances of SmoJo and PJ, you have about twenty parking spaces, not counting the space with the random ugly fire hydrant, and maybe about ten more in the cramped space in the back. Also, behind these buildings lies about five reserved parking spots. The highest capacity of students that these halls can hold is 88 students all together. I’m going to do some simple math here, so don’t let it overwhelm you students who aren’t math majors and/or Maria Flores.

Let’s do the math here… 20+10=30 spaces. 88-30=58 students…

That leaves about 58 students without a place to park.  Oh yeah, you’re allowed to park in front of Roberts too, but Roberts also has about 41 guys living there as well, and yet again only about 20 spaces for them to park.

It’s about to get real … 41-20=21 spaces. 21+58=79 students…

Now we have about 79 students who don’t have a place to park just at Smo Jo, PJ, and Roberts. This is a problem. The rest can just park at Gordy and walk a little bit more. Oh wait! Remember the colorful little sticker that you have on the back of your car? That’s a funny story. That sticker is color coded, just like everybody else’s stickers, letting our buddies at Public Safety know when you are parking in the wrong lot. What, then, do students do when there’s nowhere to park? Do they park in the commuter’s lot across the street? Students love running out in front of cars just to get to their dorms.

There’s also some craziness at Hubbard. The back parking lot is full of construction for the Hubbard addition, and everyone is now required to park in the front. They have to park their cars in front of the Fincher building. This means more cramped parking for all of those lovely athletes. I’m sure they are thrilled.

I understand that Reinhardt doesn’t have the funds to add on to the parking lots right now, even with the money it costs to go to this school, and the 100,000 dollars they just put into building a sign… But what are the students that don’t have a parking space supposed to do until then? Walk to class and leave their cars at home? They would then have no way to escape this campus on the dull weekends… Oh, the horror.

Something needs to change, Reinhardt, and quickly. We have another load of freshman enrolling next semester, and that means there will be even more parking spots unavailable for the taking. After that, you can bet administration is going to be saying, “Shoo, fly, don’t bother me!” with all of the tantrums I will have about it.


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