The Expansion of Hubbard Hall

hubbard hallIt seems construction is a permanent factor in Reinhardt life this year. From new sidewalks behind Gordy Dining Hall and the expansion on Dobbs, everything on campus has a chance of getting an upgrade. The newest construction plans are for expanding the newest residence hall, Hubbard Hall.

With the way Reinhardt’s student body is expanding, in a few years there could be fewer beds than students who need to live on campus. The expansion of what is now Hubbard Hall, which began this past Monday, will add ninety-two beds to the campus, and that’s only one of the first improvements planned.

Dr. Roger Lee, Dean of Students and Vice President for Student affairs, claims the two new wings provide many opportunities for Reinhardt and its students. A major perk in the two wings is the naming opportunity. What is currently Hubbard will remain under that name while the expansions will have two separate names. As of this moment, they are simply referred to as “Blue and Gold”.

So if the two new wings won’t be under one name, what does that mean for what type of students will live there? According to Dr. Lee, the two new wings will be comprised of three floors, each with an electronic card swipe entry machine. This opens a wide variety of combinations for the students living there. Depending on the demand from incoming students, each building could be co-ed by floor, using the card swipes to determine who can enter on each level. The new rooms are set aside for only upperclassmen but if the need arises, freshmen will also be allowed to live there. The new structures will also surround a courtyard for the occupants and guests.

All of these new features will cost approximately 3.8 million dollars to build and both buildings are scheduled to open for the fall term in August 2013. From the sound of the details, the new buildings will be well worth it.

As for the future of other residence halls, Dr. Lee says they’re working their way along with each new upgrade. For now, the next project will be Cobb Hall. Due to the issues with the communal bathrooms and other problems, Cobb has a chance to either be remodeled or demolished and rebuilt. The main goal is to choose the best plan finance-wise and move from there.

Lexi Brendel 

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