HVZ Closes First Game of the Year

857848_579764138701276_1216270510_oHumans vs. Zombies started its first game of the season on Sunday, February 17th. Since every game usually has a specific plot or theme, this game’s theme was based off the Civil War. Three mods were chosen to be generals and part of the game as well. Josh Robinson played the role of Jethro Nubbinson, Kody Spaniak played the role of Theodore Westsyde, and Christopher Lennox played the role of Cogsworth Bullmoose, Theodore’s sidekick. This game lasted until Thursday night, with the zombies overtaking the humans. The missions had different objectives every night that the humans and the zombies had to meet.

The first mission started on Monday at 10 PM. The humans had to face off not only with each other, but with the zombies as well. To fit the Civil War theme, electric guns weren’t allowed for this mission. The humans were allowed to use the single shot rifles, sock grenades, and snipers. The humans were split into two sides: Nubbinson’s team and Westsyde’s team. What the humans weren’t aware of were the zombies waiting for them behind the Glasshouse. A few humans were tagged, but not all. During this game, the first OZ, Ruth Mehari, was revealed after tagging several people during the fight.

On Tuesday, HvZ had its second mission, which most of the players found the most entertaining. Nubbinson, in the midst of war, had his legs chopped off. His team was merged with team Westsyde because the zombie horde had grown too strong due to them being tagged by the second OZ, Justin Buddenhagen. During this mission, the humans had to save Nubbinson by pushing him in a shopping cart from the apartments to the glasshouse while being attacked by zombies. After making it up the hill, they had to help Nubbinson into the glasshouse, where he “died” from bleeding to death. They then had to find paper chains in the Student Life Center to chain the doors and keep the zombies out. They did so effectively, losing a few humans to the clutches of the zombies’ rotting hands. As said by Josh Robinson, “The cart mission was my favorite.”

On Wednesday’s missions, the humans had to make it from the back of Gordy and race to the Glasshouse. They had to find riddles on Nubbinson’s dead body, behind the Nurse’s office, the flagpole in front of the Admissions Building, and finally at the volley ball court. At the volley ball court, they had to dig up a message in the bottle telling them to race to the glasshouse, because the “boat” left at a specific time, which if it was missed, they wouldn’t get a free walk back.

The last mission on Thursday entailed the humans finding Cogsworth Bullmoose in the pouring rain. The humans had to find Bullmoose at Hagan so he could pilot the ship, only to find that his arms had been chopped off, as well, in the heat of battle. They then had to find Leah Cormany, a former Reinhardt student, who also her arms were chopped off.  They then journeyed to find Greg Chafin, also a former Reinhardt student, but they unfortunately didn’t make it to him in time. The zombies surrounded the humans, who were now down to three students, Quan Cobb, Kyle Charlden, and Omar Powell. Omar was tagged by Ruth Mehari, while Kyle and Quan were tagged by John Curry, thus ending the first game of Humans vs. Zombies this year. The next game will be played March 31st through April 4th and the banquet will be held April 8th in the Glasshouse.

Hannah Craton, Staff Writer

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