Eagle Football: Bigger, Faster, Stronger

Photo courtesy of Google Images.

Photo courtesy of Google Images.

In the past year, Reinhardt has made multiple significant changes.  One of these changes is the addition of the football team to the different array of varsity sports.

As the first wave of football players invaded Reinhardt, every student wondered how these young men would affect life at the university.  The unspoken question remains: “What are these boys about?”

In an interview, Head Football Coach Cronic summarized the football team’s goals, for the men to become “Bigger, faster, stronger.”

What does this mean for Reinhardt as a community and for the athletes?

On one hand, Reinhardt students have to prepare themselves for a football season that could make or break the school’s reputation as a respectable NAAIA institution. On the other hand, the football players must gear up to improve in every aspect of their lives.

The goal is not just physical strength, but also maturity.  Bigger, faster, stronger as a team and as people. Football, as Coach Cronic said, is a “character building sport. [in the sense that it does not create the individual’s character, but] it reveals it and the coaches have to appropriate model, discipline, structure to live a good life.”

This just means that Reinhardt University Football players will not just be a group of rowdy, testosterone driven athletes.  By the time these men are done with their college careers,  football would have molded them into disciplined, confident men.

To reach this goal of bigger, faster, and stronger men, the team meets every day from 7-7:30 am for a breakfast that includes extensive discussions about classes, grades, and goals.

It is easy to see that the Football coaches are highly invested in the lives of these young men.

As Coach Cronic expressed, “We are proud of the product we’ll place on the field and there will be pride from staff, faculty, and students.”

Don’t expect perfection, but RU’s football team will bring Reinhardt’s students together in a way that they have never been. As traditions emerge from the addition of this team, the school will also become an institution in which students express more pride.

Vanessa Irie, Staff Writer 


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