Annie Get Your Gun to be Performed in April

Photo by Parker Bennett.

Photo by Parker Bennett.

A few weeks ago, the Reinhardt Theatre program started their rehearsals for the upcoming musical, Annie Get Your Gun. The head of the Theatre Department, Dave Nesbit, will be directing this show with stage manager Stephanie Hettrick.

Annie Get Your Gun is set around a carnival theme, in which, Buffalo Bill, played by Levi Bentley, paints a story from his memory about a woman named Annie Oakley, played by Kate Johnson, meeting “champeen” Frank Butler played by Koby Parker. In this show, there are several recognizable songs like “There’s No Business Like Show Business,” “Anything You Can Do,” and “They Say It’s Wonderful”. Irving Berlin’s Annie Get Your Gun is said by Nesbit to be “something the audience will recognize and be able to sing along with. The audience will have a wonderful time in a circus-like atmosphere.”

Hettrick says that she is most excited about Annie Get Your Gun because it is her first time stage managing a full-fledged musical at a university. Zack Vandever, former student at Shorter University, Hettrick’s mentor, and now a professional scenic and lighting designer, has offered to assist Hettrick and Nesbit in helping the audience experience the show as best as possible by making creative set designs to fit the theme. Nesbit wants to keep the audience surprised, as well as give them the best experience possible from the minute they enter the theatre until the last curtain call.

Hettrick also commented that she is enjoying the show so far because the musical unites the theatre/musical theatre students, the music majors, and the vocal-performance majors together. She is amazed by the wide-range of talent that the actors have shown.

To prepare for this musical, the actors have been rehearsing nearly every night from 7 to 10 PM in the Hoke ‘O’ Kelly or the Falany Performing Arts Center. They usually practice blocking and music every night except for Wednesday, which is when the performers practice choreography. The show will open on April 27th at 7:30 PM and continue on April 28th at 2:00 PM.

Hannah Craton, Staff Writer

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