Flying into Leadership at RU

Photo courtesy of Google Images.

Photo courtesy of Google Images.

It has definitely been a crazy week here at Reinhardt! Drama has begun, tension is high, and the maturity levels are low. I’m not going to start pointing fingers, but there are certain people on campus that are lacking good sportsmanship. It’s that time of year – the time when student leaders are attempting to stand their ground for their roles at Reinhardt. During this time, one question still remains: Are these student leaders representing the student body or representing themselves?

I believe that if you are a student leader, you should not only represent your school by being academically involved, but also by exhibiting good ethics. Whether it is an argument or a class discussion, students who represent our school should converse maturely and objectively, instead of harshly putting other students down or being condescending.

Some might disagree, but I believe a student leader should be a role model. I personally want to see student leaders that strive to be successful students in their classes. I want to see leaders who are involved in clubs and events on campus. I want to see leaders who are social and kind to other students. I want to see leaders who care about this school.

So, yes, I do believe that to be a student leader, you should have an intellectually stimulating GPA. You should have some experience in a variety of clubs or organizations. You should have a basic knowledge about the history of the campus and its founders. Student leaders should be kind, understanding, good listeners, decent speakers, unbiased, and, above all else, should provide positive service to the student body.

These requirements shouldn’t be a hassle to complain about, but a standard for the current and future student leaders to come. Just remember that when applying to be in a leadership position on campus, or when choosing student leaders and role models for Reinhardt University.

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