The Fly v. The Pig

Photo courtesy of Google Images.

Photo courtesy of Google Images.

Can somebody please explain to me what’s so great about the Painted Pig? It seems to be all anyone ever talks about on campus! Between the people dressed in togas last week and the hung over people in class the next day, I think it’s time for a “Come-To-Jesus” talk.

I understand that sometimes there is utterly nothing to do on this campus. (Those who voted against the SAF, thank you! Not!) Believe me, I know. Going to a bar that sells cheap beer and getting wasted not too far from campus, however, isn’t the smartest thing you could do. Actually, it’s probably the dumbest! Most of the people that talk to me about the Painted Pig are underage, and we all know that you don’t go there for the food. I’m sure the Painted Pig is a nice tavern with nice little people working there, and I know for a fact that Daniel Cubas is an awesome DJ, but is it really worth getting caught? What if something was to get out of hand and the cops showed up?

Also, charging drinks on someone’s tab… That’s just uncalled for. If you thought no one knew about it, they do. Everyone does. You know who you are, so start feeling guilty. When I said previously that you should party off campus if you really had to, I meant somewhere safe…. Not in a bar.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t go out and do something! Honestly, you would probably drive yourself crazy if you just sat here on campus with nothing to do. You’re in college and you should be able to enjoy yourself. Just be smart! If you’re of age, you really don’t have much to worry about, just find a DD and a place to stay afterwards. You can still get penalized if you are found on campus drunk.

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