Fly on the Wall: An Explanation

The Hiltonian has been made aware that this past week’s Fly on the Wall has created a sense of uneasiness on campus. We apologize for causing this upset, and would like to take a moment to fully explain our intentions in correlation to the Fly on the Wall column.

The Hiltonian has served as Reinhardt’s news source since 1924 and the anonymously written Fly on the Wall column has been a part of the newspaper for the past several years. Fly on the Wall is an Opinions / Arts & Entertainment piece that is made to entertain by being humorous and satirical in nature. It is strictly the opinion of the writer, and does not in any way reflect the views of The Hiltonian staff.

Any student at any time can submit content for the Fly on the Wall column. The column is written anonymously and a different student writes an article on a different subject each edition. Editors then pick from submissions as to which article will be published, based on the criteria of entertainment potential and the ability to relate to students.

The Hiltonian staff apologizes for any lack of clarity regarding Fly on the Wall. It is NOT a factual news article, but merely an opinion of a student. Anyone with any further questions, comments, or concerns is welcomed to submit a Letter to the Editor. (See link at the top of page.)

Thank you for your time.


The Hiltonian Staff


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