21 ways to interview better: Expert tips to ace your next interview

By Vanessa Irie

As an intern at WSB-TV, Channel 2 News, I have learned many interesting things about what it takes to make it in the professional world. The interview process was much more relaxed than I expected, but every interview is different and the interviewers also vary.

With that said, I went around the office and asked my supervisors, professionals who have done their jobs for over forty years, for tips on how to do well on a job interview. Attention upperclassmen, this could be you sooner than you realize.

Some of these tips may seem like common sense, but like we all know, common sense is not so common these days. Cherish these tips as if they made up your last meal, because these could help you score that job you have been hoping for.

1. “Research, research, research”- Jennifer Grove:  the idea here is that you have to make sure you know everything you can. Know the company and the people without being a stalker. The more you know, the more you’ll stand out.

2. Make yourself available to management: you never know which turn your interview will take, so be flexible with your time in case the interview becomes an all day thing where the interviewer puts you through a series of tests.

3. Build relationships over time: make connections with people who work for the company you have your heart on and from time to time, email them or call them just to check in. This allows you to stay in these people’s thoughts for the day when you’ll need a referral.

4. Find out the environment of the company and dress accordingly: if everyone wears a clown suit, you have to do the same as a way to integrate yourself in that company’s culture. No shame.

5. Come with questions: according to Jocelyn Dorsey, the Executive Producer /Host of People 2 People and Director of Editorials/Public Affairs, asking questions to the interviewer shows that you’re engaged in the process.

6. Bring extras resumes on nice paper: even though some people do not care for this anymore, some traditions do not hurt. Just be ready with your extra resumes, just in case.  Your interviewer will appreciate the effort.

7. Read any industry news about the place you are aiming to work at: this allows you to become more knowledgeable about the industry and how it works.

8. If you can put all your work in one place, do it: a website, a flash drive, a DVD. It is good to have all three media sharing forms simply because employers like different things.

9. “Brand your skills honestly”- Jocelyn Dorsey: Do not go after a job you don’t have the skills for yet and try to oversell yourself. Your interviewer will quickly read through the lies.

10. Your mannerisms matter: walk into the door tall, smiling, ready to give firm handshakes, and appropriately dressed (see #4).

11. When you speak to the interviewer, keep in mind that he or she asking him/herself this crucial question: “Once I hire you, will you be able to start tomorrow without training?”

12. Be enthusiastic: you finally got a job interview and you’re a step away from working! That’s great news!

13. Don’t burn your bridges: treat your employees and supervisees well, because you may be the one seeking a job from them one day.

14. Keep your social media clean. I promise you, most employers will look at your social media. Keep the red cups, cool cigarette smoke pictures, along with your playboy spread away from the public.

15. Have some business cards ready: Reinhardt’s Career Services offers FREE business cards. Just get in touch with Peggy Collins.

16. Volunteering: put your volunteer work on your resume and be prepared to talk about how much you give back to the community. Employers like people who volunteer for their community.

17. State why you want the particular job and don’t be afraid to tell them your ultimate goals: don’t go into the office talking about how you couldn’t get a job at the rival company so this was plan B.

18. Don’t tell your interviewer about how much of a people’s person you are: Your love of people will not save you if you don’t have the skills necessary for the job.

19. Tell the potential employer what this position means to you: Show your enthusiasm, but don’t focus on the financial side until after you’ve gotten an offer.

20. Look at the product from the place you’re trying to work at: this goes back to the research. Know who you’re talking to, for what purpose, and what they do as a company.

21. Have an elevator speech: it shouldn’t be longer than a 30 seconds, unless it’s a really really really tall building, your elevator ride won’t be long, so keep that in mind.

Relay For Life in Cherokee County

By Marvin Monroe

The Relay for Life is coming back around. Relay For Life is an organized, overnight community charity walk. During this event, teams of people camp out around a track, while each member of the team takes turns walking around this track. The whole event is filled with food and entertainment as the walk continues through the night. These events are held at a community level to raise money for cancer treatment and awareness.

Relay for Life was started in May of 1985 when Dr. Gordy Klatt raised $27,000 by walking and running for 24 hours in Tacoma, Washington. The money helped the American Cancer Society with the fight against the nation’s leading health concern; cancer. After just one year, there were 340 supporters for the overnight event. That was all it took for Relay For Life to become a worldwide phenomenon and raise nearly $5 million dollars to the fight for cancer.

The next event in the Cherokee county area is coming up on May 8. This event will take place at Creekview High School at 6 PM. If you would like to take part in this event, you have to either start your own team or become part of an existing one. Interested people can also become a volunteer by signing up online at www.relayforlife.org. Even if you don’t have a lot of time to spare, there are multiple ways for everyone to help out. So mark your calendars and get ready to walk for a good cause.

Beware the ides of March Madness

by Dave Garner, Program Coordinator for Student Media

The economic impact that athletics plays in providing financial support to institutions across the country is well documented and typically appreciated. When it comes to the NCAA Basketball Tournament specifically, those same economics also affect the professional workplace, just without the same appreciation. There are countless hours collectively spent during the weekday tourney games being non-productive. Many businesses even cite low production levels during tourney time due to constant score-checking. So why does March Madness cause even the most casual sports fan to fill out a bracket and make a few extra trips to the water cooler? Simply put, March Madness has become part of American Culture. This year marks the 77th year of the NCAA Tournament which grew from humble beginnings as an eight team tourney with little media coverage.

There are not many American Sports that can say they compete with the Super Bowl. In fact, there are some sports pundits who even suggest the Big Game has taken a back seat to the Big Dance. While the NFL’s largest attraction still leads in outright viewership, March Madness has steadily closed the revenue gap in recent years while overtaking the NBA and MLB Playoffs.

One aspect of March Madness that contributes to its popularity is consistency. Each year March Madness produces matchups and outcomes that would make Notre Dame’s famous Rudy Ruettiger jealous. From NC State’s improbable championship in 1983 to Villanova’s shocking title upset of Georgetown in 1985, the stories of David beating Goliath are countless in the NCAA men’s basketball tourney. Society loves underdog stories and nothing consistently produces those stories more than March Madness.

The question becomes, who will play the role of Cinderella at this year’s Grand Ball? There are a number of possible candidates to land this role. While a 16 seed has never beaten a number 1, it should be noted that from 2 on down, the expected contenders have often experienced a mighty fall. This kind of guesswork makes predicting March Madness one of the greatest fan challenges in all of sports. In fact, it was recently reported by USA Today that a professor from Duke University said the odds of completing a perfect bracket are 2.4 trillion. According to those odds, a person is more likely to be struck by lightning well over a hundred times in one lifetime than correctly predicting each game of the NCAA Tournament. Staggering.

Even with the odds against us, we as Americans subject ourselves to the madness that has become March Madness. St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone, but let the Ides of March continue in the form of bracket busting basketball. So stop what you’re doing! Fill out your bracket and let yourself become lost in one of America’s greatest sports traditions

Frugal Fashionista: how to shop in a thrift shop on a college budget

A completely thrifted outfit! The red skirt cost only a quarter.

A red skirt that cost me a quarter!

by Vanessa Irie

One of my favorite things to do is shop. I can shop all day and night without getting tired. There’s just something about the hunt that relaxes me. Looking through lines and lines of clothing and shoes and bags and accessories….. it’s a therapeutic experience for me.

If you’re wondering: no, I don’t consider myself a shopaholic, but I know that sometimes I wake up with a very strong urge to go buy clothes…. As many as my hands can get on……..

Here’s the problem: I love to shop, but let’s just say that my bank account gets a little hungry sometimes.

If this is you, you have nothing to worry about, because I found a way to shop without breaking the bank.

Over the years, I discovered the beauty of thrifting and the clearance rack. It seemed like I never had enough money at the mall, so I decided to go out and see what the smaller stores had for me.

I started with Goodwill, and moved on to smaller thrift stores. What I found is that thrift stores are full of treasures (and monstrosities, if you happen to pick up one of those pieces that look like someone got lazy and just gave up), you just need to know what you like and what you’re willing to admire from afar.

With that said, here are 5 things I learned on my thrifting trips:

  1. Make sure you have plenty of time to look:
  1. Many thrift stores are disorganized, because the categories are usually just  the types of clothing and that’s all. You’ll have to look through to find your size.
  1. Patience is key
  1. Trust me, you can’t rush through the lines of clothing and think you’ll find the cutest stuff. You need to be willing to look at each item on your rack. I’ve been able to find Anne Taylor, Talbots, American Eagle Outfitters, Louis Vuitton, Bebe, Nine West, etc… by looking through lines of clothing that seemed hopeless from the outside.
  1. Don’t be afraid to take the things you like
  1. I usually fill my cart up with items I like or want to try. I am fully aware that the majority of the clothes either won’t fit me the way I want them to, or I just won’t like them.
  1. Look for store specials and coupons:
  1. Goodwill usually does a deal where all items with a certain ticket color is half off, so when you go to a thrift store, read the store posters and even ask personnel if there’s anything special going on, because you’ll never know what kind of deals you’ll find.
  1. Don’t be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone:
  1. I keep saying Goodwill, because it is one of the most famous thrift stores in Georgia, but you can look up thrift outlets, online thrift stores, and smaller thrift stores around your city. My favorite thrift store to go to is Park Avenue Thrift Outlet, where the most expensive items in the whole store cost $2; and the price goes down by $.25 every day until everything is a quarter in the store. Now, THAT’S a great deal.

I leave you with this: don’t be afraid to go thrifting. There is nothing wrong with wearing gently used clothing, especially if things in retail stores are out of your budget. There is no shame in not having enough money, when you can look good and feel fabulous by going to the right places and choosing the right items at a great price.

A professional thrifted outfit with the exception of the belt.

A professional thrifted outfit with the exception of the belt.

Student spotlight: Emily Walden

Emily Walden

by Deborah Dahn

Emily Walden

Emily Walden

I recently interviewed Emily Walden who is the Vice President of Student Activities Council (VP of SAC) here at Reinhardt University. Emily took over the recruitment position from Vanessa Irie, who held the position last semester. Emily comes from Forsyth County and is pursuing dual majors in Criminology and Cultural Diversity with minors in Gender Studies, Spanish and Global Communication. Both majors are within Sociology, so she expects it won’t take her long to get her degree.

During the interview, she expressed that she does not want to be in the same career for the rest of her life. Reinhardt was initially the last choice for Emily as she was debating between six other schools. She decided to attend Reinhardt because it has an excellent ASO program which aids students who face unique challenges such as dyslexia. The “small feel” of the school also encouraged Emily’s choice.

She is extremely involved in jobs and extracurricular activities around the campus in addition to her SAC duties. Walden is a tele counselor, a position where she advises people that want to come to Reinhardt, she is also a tour guide and a tutor. Emily is bringing fresh new ideas to SAC with ideas like wanting to bring A- list bands and artists to perform and turn the annual fall day into a tailgate. She wants to help plan more fun events like the glow in the dark mini golf, hopefully getting more interactive events and concerts.

The VP of SAC is also a member of the SGA executive board, a part of the job Emily says she loves. Her favorite thing about SGA is advocating for what the students want and funding various trips.

Professor Hibbs and Dr. Brown are Emily’s role models on campus.  Professor Hibbs has also been multifaceted in many successful career fields, and Emily aspires to be that type of person. Dr.Brown has been her “guide post”, and helped her with her editing and schedule. When asked what word described her, Emily responded: motivated. One of her many favorite quotes is “Strength doesn’t come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.”

Netflix movie review: Frank

By Thandi Jahi

Frank was directed by the famed Irish director Lenny Abrahamson. This movie has an “R” rating for language and some sexual content.

Frank is a dark comedy movie about a young wannabe musician named Jon (played by Domhnall Gleenson).  Jon gets in over his head when he joins a band of eccentric characters headed by a man named Frank (played by actor Michael Fassbender).

Frank is possibly the strangest of the bunch, as he wears a comically large fake head at all times, with no explanation. The humor ranges from dark to quirky, with most of the drama centering on Frank and Jon’s interactions along with Frank’s psychotically jealous girlfriend. Frank himself is a musical genius; and while he is enigmatic, he is also friendly and tries to hold his band together.  Meanwhile, Jon tries to gain more publicity for the band.

The movie’s high points were: the actor choices and the weird charm they radiate to the viewer. Also, the plot is simple and easy to follow.

My only critique of this movie is that it ends quite abruptly, at a time when the audience is just beginning to know the characters (particularly Frank).

Eagle express trip: Alvin Ailey dance theater

by Vanessa Irie

Before I went to the show, I wasn’t too sure what to expect. All I knew was that Alvin Ailey dancers were supposed to interpret African-American history through their modern dances.

The show we saw included Revelations and Odetta. If I had to describe my experience in one word it would be, beautiful. It was simply beautiful; not just because the dancers had great bodies (which they did), but the emotion that the rhythmic movements communicated was overwhelming.

As I sat in the audience, I could feel the pain of slavery. The frustrations between torn lovers; the hope one could find through death, and the resolution to survive. It was a very memorable show that I definitely intend to visit again.

Reinhardt Board of Trustees restricts gift from Tarpley estate to theatre program

By Marvin Monroe

Recently, the estate of Mrs. Mozelle Tarpley gifted Reinhardt University with an unrestricted gift of $1,670,500. Reinhardt’s Board of Trustess voted to restrict this gift to the theatre program, ultimately going towards the construction of a new theatre building, known as The Stage Arts Center, that will be named after Fred and Mozelle Tarpley.

This donation will continue to draw interest that will be rewarded at 5% for student scholarships until an added amount can be put together to construct the Stage Arts Center.

The Tarpley’s lives were tied to education and Reinhardt University. Mr. and Mrs. Tarpley were both teachers who attended Reinhardt in the late 30’s. Both strived to achieve their goals and worked on campus to help their parents pay for their tuition costs.

After graduating, Mr. Tarpley went to teach at a junior high school in Oak Grove. In 1942, he joined the U.S. Naval Reserve and was aboard a ship that invaded Okinawa during WWII. Mrs. Tarpley became a teacher at Eton Elementary School while she waited for her future husband to return.

The couple married on June 1, 1946, after the war had ended, and moved to Dalton, Ga. where Mrs. Tarpley continued her career in the school system, and Mr. Tarpley worked at the First National Bank of Dalton. After four decades in banking, Mr. Tarpley retired as a group vice president.

The couple has also given Reinhardt a million dollar gift in the past to fund the academic building Fred H. and Mozelle Bates Tarpley Education Center, now commonly known as Tarpley.

Board Member, Ken White ’61 said, “As an alumnus of Reinhardt, I appreciate loyal alumni, with a continuing interest in and support of their alma mater. Mr. and Mrs. Tarpley not only made the naming gift for the Tarpley Education Center at Reinhardt in 1998, they left a legacy through this most generously planned gift that will help transform the lives of many young people.”

Assistant professor of theatre, David Nisbet, also gave his sentiments saying, “The theatre program would like to thank the Reinhardt Board of Trustees for seeing our need and taking decisive action to meet it. We are looking forward to the day when we have a dedicated space for our students to learn their craft and the public can enjoy even higher quality productions.”

TV Review: Marvel’s Agent Carter – A blast from the past

by Marvin Monroe

There have been many new TV shows this past year, but Marvel’s Agent Carter stands out. Even though there has been an increase of superhero or comic book shows airing like, Marvel’s Agents of Shields, Arrow, Constantine, and the Flash, this show remains unique among the masses.

This series tells the story of Peggy Carter, a military woman who worked with Captain America during WWII. The series picks up after the end of the war and in a world become more peaceful. Peggy is now working within the S.S.R., a secret police force that deals with things that push the bounds of normal.

Peggy was part of the original S.H.I.E.L.D. task force that created Captain America, and knew Rodgers before he became Captain America. She was deeply in love with the Captain, and took his death badly. Now that the war is over and everyone is starting to calm down, Peggy has started working for a secret police department call the S.S.R.

Her job is an agent, but true to the time period in which it is set, most of the men treat her as their own personal secretary.  Making matters worse, old friend Howard Stark has been framed as a terrorist and his inventions have been stolen and sold on the black market. Stark asks Peggy if she can help him get back his inventions and clear his name. This means Peggy has to betray her own organization that has been tasked to capture Stark at any cost.

Peggy is obviously going to need some help, which comes in the form of Howard Stark’s butler, Edwin Jarvis. It is up to Peggy and Jarvis to go on any number of dangerous missions and take back Stark’s inventions from those who would use them for wrongdoing. The suspense that comes from Peggy doing her best not to get caught by her own people and the dangerous reality of Black Widow living two doors down from her makes a great espionage thriller with a background in Marvel comic books. We are definitely in for a wild ride.

Not your ordinary Bingo night

By Deborah Dahn

On a Tuesday last week I went to Bingo Night in the Glasshouse. While there were five rounds of the game total, they kicked it off with Disney songs round first.  Participants had a list of songs from various Disney movies, and  had to choose which one of the songs they wanted to fill the spaces.

Once we were ready to start, they played a series of Disney songs while we covered the spaces with M&M’s. There was also random raffle draws in the middle of Bingo. Friend help was allowed, but cell phone use was not permitted for remembering the names of the songs played.

The winner(s) of the rounds of bingo and the raffle draws participated in a dance off, and won iTunes and McDonald’s cards for $25. The rounds that followed ranged from theme shows of popular TV shows, to songs from the 90’s and beyond, top 50 modern songs, and movies and musicals.

Eight people volunteered to dance for a McDonald’s gift card, the top two winners were picked by the loudest claps and yells from the audience. Those that participated in the dance competition had to do a choreography incorporating the nae nae and the whip.

The last round of Bingo had the biggest prize that everyone wanted to win, a new iPod. My friend won the iPod, and her reaction was priceless. She immediately jumped up and started dancing. As the winner she had to go to the front to do the whip, and she proceeded to do so in great delight.

The wins of my friends, and the fun we had was an end to an amazing night. Everyone agreed that Reinhardt should definitely have an event like this again.

Parkour + Zombies = Fun: Review of Dying Light

By Marvin Monroe

**Spoilers** The new game sweeping the Internet, Dying Light is a video game that was released about a week ago. The game has a zombie survival theme with a little bit of a twist. The twist is that, like Dead Island, it is a first person brawler. Unlike Dead Island, there is a Parkour element of the game.

Parkour is a free moving system where the player gets to jump across buildings and slide under obstacles without losing any speed. This makes for some cool gameplay especially with the day/night system.

In Dying Light you play as Crane, an undercover GRE agent who has gone into Istanbul to locate some documents taken before it turned into zombie central. Upon entering the game, Crane is dropped into group of zombies, known as Biters. While unconscious and unprotected, he is saved by two runners, Amir and Jade. Now saved and at the base of operations called the Tower, Crane is thrown into a world full of monsters, human and nonhuman.

While the story lacks any surprise factor, it can sometimes throw you for a loop. Particularly, when you reveal that the zombie virus is actually from space. With the amazing Parkour feature and brawling system, in the long run you really won’t care. The game also has a customize system for its weapons allowing the player to put fire or electricity on their weapons which  either set on fire or stun their enemies.

A lot of the fun comes when the night arrives. Zombies become stronger and faster. The game becomes a life or death scenario, which is supremely scary when 12 zombies are chasing you as you try to get to a safe zone. I had a lot of fun with this game and the multiplayer feature can be extra fun to play with your friends. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a different type of zombie game.

Dr. Kina S. Mallard named Reinhardt’s 20th president

Dr. Kina Mallard. Photo by Jeff Reed.

By Katie Gibson

In a press conference held in the Science Center atrium on Thursday, February 12th, the 20th president of Reinhardt University was announced.  Dr. Kina S. Mallard will be assuming office after current university president Dr. Isherwood’s retirement later this year.

The search for this president was conducted over the previous seven-months, and just this Tuesday, Feb. 10th, the Board of Trustees voted on the three final candidates.  A member of the search committee and the Reinhardt Board of Trustees Chair William G. Hasty, Jr. informed the public of several aspects of the search during his speech: “The 70 applicants were all very well qualified, yet we were particularly impressed with Dr. Mallard.  Every time she spoke with us, she was so enthusiastic about being our next president.  She has excellent communication skills and a heart for students.”

The 70 applicants who were considered came from across the country. Dr. Mallard comes to Reinhardt from Newman University, in Jefferson City, Tenn., where she served as executive vice president and provost since 2012.  The decision process, while ultimately up to the Board of Trustees, was consulted by a search committee with representatives of the student body, faculty, and community.

Some of Dr. Mallard’s first words to the assembled students, faculty, media and community were, “That felt good, this feels like the right place to be.” Dr. Mallard has 30 years of experience in higher education and spoke enthusiastically and optimistically about the future of the University. She has a Doctorate in Communication, a Master of Arts in Organizational Communication from the University of Tennessee, and a Bachelor of Science in Speech and Theatre from Middle Tennessee State University.

As Dr. Mallard concluded her speech thanking the various people that led to her being chosen as the new president for Reinhardt University she said, “I am humbled and I am honored.  From the moment I met the search committee I knew this was the perfect place.” Before she left the podium she simply said, “Let’s go Eagles.”

Reinhardt’s Student Government Association president and search committee member Alexander Bryant presented Dr. Mallard and her husband Steve Dietz with an engraved door knocker as a gift welcoming them to Reinhardt.  In Bryant’s speech he likened Reinhardt to an old southern home, and invited Dr. Mallard to stay awhile, ending his speech with a resounding, “welcome home” as he presented her with the gift.

Dr. Isherwood, Reinhardt’s current president, will retire on June 30th, with Dr. Mallard assuming office on July 1st of this year.

Dr. Mallard and husband Steve Dietz are presented with engraved door knocker by Alexander Bryant. Photo by Katie Gibson.

Arrest made after report of indecent exposure

By Katie Gibson

On Wednesday, February 4th, the student body was made aware of incident reported to have occurred on the evening of Tuesday, February 3rd.  The incident took place in the Smith Johnson lobby involving an unknown man exposing his genitals to a female student. The student body was notified of the incident and made aware that Public Safety and the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office were notified and investigating.

On Tuesday, February 10th, a second email was sent to the student body, notifying them that the suspect in question has been arrested.  The name of the individual arrested was not released in the email.

Miyazaki movie marathon – Friday the 13th

by Thandi Jahi

There will be a free Hayao Miyazaki movie marathon in the Glasshouse this Friday, February 13th, at 6pm. There will be free food and drinks for all students willing to participate in this event sponsored by Reinhardt’s  Anime club. For those of who are not familiar with Miyazaki or his work, all are still encouraged to join in on the screening.

Hayao Miyazaki was born in 1941 and is a Japanese film director, manga artist, animator, producer, screenwriter, and founder of Studio Ghibli. His name is recognized in both Japan and America for the care and detail he and his writers put into their story telling.  Unlike the stigma attached to much of anime, his work is known for being appropriate for all age groups. Miyazaki recently announced his retirement from making films, inspiring the Reinhardt Anime club to have an event showcasing his contributions to animated filmmaking.

Dr. Michael David Gregory Resigns During Investigation of Sexual Battery

Professor of Music Dr. Michael David Gregory resigned from Reinhardt University ahead of schedule during December of 2014. This information was emailed to the student body on January 2nd of this year.  What was only released today, is that his resignation happened after the Cherokee County Sheriff’s department had shared their results of the investigation on allegations of sexual battery.  While the University was in the midst of their review, Dr. Gregory tendered his resignation.

More details will be forthcoming.  In the meantime you can further explore the issue by reading this article on Atlanta Journal Constitution here.

Reinhardt University: A Change is Coming

Three candidates are currently vying to be university president at Reinhardt University.  As the different candidates showcase their capabilities and desire to become a part of the Reinhardt community, the students are asked to share their opinions.  All of the candidates have held, or will hold, an open forum where students have the option to attend and ask questions.  If anyone wants to share their opinion after their experience with the potential leaders of the University, they can check their student email and respond to a survey which will be considered when the final decision process for choosing the president is underway.  Especially for those students who will not be graduating in May, this decision will likely have an impact on how their university is being run and represented.  The opportunity to make your voice heard is available, who will answer the call?

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Hotel/motel tax deemed inapplicable for private college dormitories

By Meagan Hurley, Editor-In-Chief

The City of Waleska’s proposed hotel/motel taxation ordinance will not be passed on Reinhardt University resident students.

According to the Attorney General’s Office and the Department of Community Affairs, hotel/motel taxation is not applicable to residents of private college residence halls.

In a statement issued by Antonette Sewell, Director of Legal Services at the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, the Assistant Attorney General Alkesh Patel has deemed that, based on the plain language used in the statute, hotel/motel taxation was not meant to be applied to residents of private college dormitories. He said that, if this type of application were intended by the General Assembly, it could have specifically named it in the statutory language.

The Attorney General’s Office said, “The AG’s office through Alkesh Patel, has indicated that the intent of the statute and the literal meaning of the words in the statute was not to consider private college dormitories as rooms available to the public.  Additionally, the statute includes a list of seven types of lodgings available to the public where hotel/motel tax may be imposed.  Those seven lodgings include: ‘hotel, motel, inn, lodge, tourist camp, campground or any other place in which rooms, lodgings, or accommodations are regularly furnished for value.’’’

Patel stated, “For the hotel-motel tax to be applicable to private college dormitories, it seems that the dormitories must be accessible to all persons of a state, nation, or municipality.”

He continued, “A private college dormitory is not accessible to the public.”

City Manager of Waleska, Aimee Abernathy said, ”It is a disappointment that this is not an opportunity for the city, but we will continue to move forward with the tools we do have to continue to improve the quality of life in Waleska.”

Mayor Doris Jones added to Abernathy’s comment, saying, “We just wanted to find out it was all about. Since we found out, we just wanted to check into it and that’s what we did. We certainly understand the ruling and we will abide by it. We will continue to move forward with other ideas. We hope the university understands that we’ve always been about working with the university.”

The City of Waleska wishes to carry on with future projects to benefit the community.

Breaking: AG says no to hotel/motel tax

Just in:

City Manager of Waleska Aimee Abernathy just released a statement that Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens has determined that hotel/motel will NOT pass at Reinhardt.

She said,”The AG determined the law should not be interpreted to include private universities.”

More information to come as it is released.


Meagan Hurley, Editor-In-Chief

Search for the new president underway

Isherwood_portrait 045_300dp_edit

Isherwood_portrait 045_300dp_editBy Meagan Hurley, Editor-In-Chief

As President Dr. J. Thomas Isherwood prepares to retire after thirteen years of presidency, the search begins for a new president at Reinhardt University.

According to Dr. Isherwood, this will be a national search.

“[AGB] has contacts with people all across the United States. This will be a national search and there will be applicants from all over the U.S. There’s a search committee of about nineteen people—three faculty, three staff, one student, six or seven board members and three or four from the community,” he said.

In correlation with the outside search party AGB, (Association of Governing Boards), presidential search consultant Dr. Jim Davis met with both students and faculty members, trustees and alumni, to discern what qualities the Reinhardt community are looking for in a new president and what subjects are of concern. An open forum was also conducted for anyone wishing to share comments.

“You can make a difference in who gets chosen for the next president of Reinhardt University,” Davis said.

Students, in a designated meeting with Dr. Davis, expressed desire for an involved leader who puts emphasis on availability, on campus presence, and transparency. Students said that the new president should contribute to the “family” feel of Reinhardt.

“People come to Reinhardt instead of UGA and all these other places because they want a family. I think that our whole campus could have that if the president would open his house to people and come to events,” said Resident Advisor Isabella Novaes.

Students also expressed concern over budgeting for student organizations and suggested that a new president may fundraise more actively. Davis found potential issue in this request, as a fundraising president is more likely to be out and thus may be unable to contribute a present figure on campus.

When students had addressed the bulk of their concerns, Davis had a few questions for them to answer. He put it to the students to notify him if they believed that Reinhardt would be accepting of a multiracial president, a female president, or a homosexual president. Opinions varied among student leaders.

“If we had a woman, she’d probably be off to a rocky start, but I think she’d do fine. She’d be accepted by the students without issue,” said SGA President Alexander Bryant.

“Everyone loves JoEllen Wilson and many of our faculty members are female,” added SGA Parliamentarian Steven Vosika.

Davis stated that thirty percent or more of applicants will likely be female.

He later asked if race is considered an issue or a non-issue on campus. Resident Advisor and Reinhardt Captain Valencia Washington commented, “I feel that it’s okay. You’ll find—and a lot of people do—that people still get stereotyped, and that’s everywhere. People do get judged based on their looks rather than their personality and I do feel that we could do a bit better showing more diversity.”

Davis asked, “Do you think a non-white person is ready to be president of this college in this particular time and atmosphere?”

Washington said, “Once again, yes and no. Kind of with the woman thing, I feel that a lot of people would be on board for it and a lot of people would be very hesitant.”

Davis then posed what he called an even tougher question; “Would this campus consider a gay person in a leadership role?”

Bryant responded, “Probably not.”

Washington added, “No.”

Vosika elaborated, “It’s a lot more open on the student side. It’s becoming more accepted on campus, but again it’s a community thing too. Reinhardt might accept them, but Waleska might not.”

According to Davis, this is an important piece of information to know because, of the fifteen presidential searches he has completed in the last six years, many of the presidents chosen have been women, people of multiracial ethnicities, and of homosexual orientation.

Presidential search committee members are looking to complete the search in early February of 2015, with recruiting, screening, and interviewing taking place prior to such date, said Executive Secretary to the Presidential Search Committee Kelly Morris. According to her, the next step in the search process is to create a profile for the position and to place an advertisement in hiring publications.

According to Isherwood, the current plan is for the chosen president to start on July 1, 2015.

He said, ”They hope to announce the new president in February because we have two vice presidents who are leaving the university. The hope is that we’d have the finalists for those positions so the new president can talk to the finalists and the finalists could see who they would work for. They could be in communication.”

Davis encourages input from the Reinhardt community and wishes to hear any comments or concerns from parties who were unable to attend the open forum. Anyone wishing to speak to him may contact him directly at jdavis@agbsearch.com.

More information on the search for the new president will be made available as progression continues.







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