Journalante: The Empowered Female

journalanteIn my advertising class, a young man declared, “the best way to get people to attend an event is to offer them beer and half-naked women”. At the time, his statement did not offend me. It was true enough. College students, typically male students, do tend to flock towards beer and women. However, as I was thinking more in depth about the statement later, I became more and more offended. I was not just offended by his words. I was offended by the fact that myself, and the other women in the room, did not say anything to the young man in defense of our rights and our bodies.

At what point in time did it become okay for men to objectify women in this way? At what point did women, like myself and the others in my advertising course, decide that it was normal for men to use our bodies to bring in sales revenue or attract customers? At what point did women stop being offended by statements like the one this young man had made?

This highlights an important change in our culture – women are no longer offended when they are seen and used as sexual objects.

In recent years, the advertising industry has become more ‘sexualized’ than ever before. Women, in particular, have been reinvented by advertisers. Not only are they used in advertisements to entice the male population with their sexuality, but are also depicted as being happy to control men with our sexuality. For example, if a woman uses a certain beauty product, a man will fall to his knees before her. This gives the woman a type of power that she did not have previously. Advertisers are using this idea of female empowerment to sell products, and that sense of empowerment comes from the advertisers idea of attractiveness – the slim, tan, young, sexy woman.

In a way, this representation of women is more effective than the previous depiction of women in advertisements – the ever-willing, passive female that women loved to hate for so many years. However, I believe that this new woman in advertising, the empowered female, could be just as dangerous to the female ego as the passive, sexual object that women were previously shown to be.

The statement made in my advertising class went relatively unnoticed by the women in the room.

Is this because we felt empowered by his statement? Were we, as women, okay with being objectified, if that meant we held power in our hands? It was complimentary, almost. Men will come to the event if women and booze are available. Take one of those things away and men may not show up. We hold the power. We were not offended.

I, however, am offended. I am offended that advertising has convinced women that we are no longer being objectified. I am offended that in our blindness we have allowed a new wave of male-centered advertising to slap us. The ‘empowered’ female is truly just the ‘blind’ female. We are not free from objectification. We are only allowing ourselves to be objectified in a new way.

Kelcey Caulder, Managing Editor

Breaking Bad News: The Censorship Ends Here

Photo courtesy of Google Images and

Photo courtesy of Google Images and

A decision has been made. It may not be popular, and definitely won’t be wanted by some but, as journalists, it is our duty to write the truth.  It is our responsibility to provide the community of Reinhardt with the information that it needs to function with integrity, knowledge, and awareness.

Today we decide as reporters for our peers and superiors, to no longer deprive you of knowledge that is rightfully yours. We will allow ourselves to be censored no longer.  You deserve to know that we have been held back–forcefully restrained and denied the opportunity to share with you the unsavory details –crime, corruption, and conspiracy – -of our community, Reinhardt University.

It stops now.

No matter what hand tries to stifle us –– we will present you with the truth, quickly and honestly. We won’t be silenced. The censorship ends here.

“…public enlightenment is the forerunner of justice and the foundation of democracy. The duty of the journalist is to further those ends by seeking truth and providing a fair and comprehensive account of events and issues. Conscientious journalists from all media and specialties strive to serve the public with thoroughness and honesty. Professional integrity is the cornerstone of a journalist’s credibility.” – Society of Professional Journalists, Code of Ethics 

Mizaru, Mikazaru, & Mazaru  

Reinhardt: Take Four

As a senior at Reinhardt University, I can honestly say that I feel like I’ve had the privilege to see it grow at an astonishing rate.   Here’s a quick timeline that outlines my take on the “rate of Reinhardt change” here:

Freshman Year : Reinhardt is a 4 year college entirely run by Music Majors. They are found ALL over campus. They outnumber everyone else, and recruit more than any other clique on campus. Beloved Loose Lip Larry is fired, but opens a restaurant off campus serving some delicious southern cooking that students from Reinhardt craved.  It closes by the time we get back from Christmas. Yay for Waleska?

Sophomore Year: Reinhardt is now…a university! Yay! Signs are being changed all over campus, people are upset because of rumored rising tuition costs. Reinhardt “goes green” even though it doesn’t really take effect until next year. We lose our long term Res. Life Director and move Shay up as acting Director. Reinhardt begins to hire more employees and professors that agree with the new “changing Reinhardt” theme. Life goes on…but with bed bugs.

Junior Year: Changes are happening even more at Reinhardt beginning with the food. We sign on our new contract with Sodexo, current food provider, and hopefully ease our food troubles…but not really. Public Safety has a new leader, they try to crack down on parking. Commuters resist the new parking, shocker, right? Announcement is made that Reinhardt has new Graduate degrees for working, or non working, adult in the community. Many recent grads are back for their next two years. Football is on the rise, Art majors cry because the art barn is destroyed. Buildings are built, insanity ensues as the acceptance rate sours for new incoming freshman. Bed Bugs Redux.

So, Reinhardt has changed. ALOT. It scares me a bit, well actually the freshman scare me a bit, but who don’t they scare? Anyways, Reinhardt has managed, somehow, to keep a small school feel with a few hundred new freshman….they outnumber my upcoming graduating class by 3:1. Kudos to those in charge, but I’m also not staying 3 to a room.

So this is my Senior Rant of the Week. Hope you enjoyed it.

Samantha Canuel, Editor in Chief

What’s the Purpose?

In many ways, Reinhardt is incredibly small. Actually, let me rephrase that: In EVERY way, Reinhardt is incredibly small.

From the sizes of the dorm rooms to the sizes of classes, Reinhardt is a small community. And because of the ages, young adults, we have here it’s incredibly similar to a high school.

But Reinhardt is more than that. It’s a place to find friends, create and resume and wish you had gone to a bigger school by your second or last semester.

Even though Reinhardt has it’s flaws, as all colleges do, I’m extremely supportive. No, I don’t go to all the sporting events. No, I don’t get involved with SGA meetings or RA events 24/7, but there are ways for students to enjoy their time here.

The purpose of this newspaper is to show students, faculty, staff, parents, and visitors what really happens at Reinhardt. That includes the good, the bad, and the ugly. And that’s okay.

So, in end, don’t hate the journalists. We are just doing what we do best.

Enjoy your time here Guys. It really is a great college.

I hope you enjoy this newspaper too, but if you don’t, I suppose we’re just doing our jobs.

Just a Word from the Wise,

Editor In Chief


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