Prayer Group Brings More Than Just Religion to Students

Photo taken from Overflow's meeting place.
Photo taken from Overflow's meeting place.

Photo taken from Overflow’s meeting place.

Overflow, founded by Isabella Novaes and Tirzah Carroll, is a prayer group that evolves around God and those who come together to seek a higher purpose. Isabella said,  “Overflow is all about Jesus… Completely.” She emphasized that even though this is a Christian group, all people of different walks of life are welcome to join.

The idea of Overflow is not to judge, but to love as the Bible directed. At Overflow, “the words come off the pages of the Bible and God is alive.” says Isabella.

So every Monday night, from 8:30 until the last person leaves, a few people come together to speak, pray, and relax. Overflow serves a “home” for everyone who comes in.

Despite the fact that Overflow revolves around Jesus, it is not an organized religious group with a set of rituals. Isabella said that “It is God who moves,” so she never knows what to expect from the meetings. Every Monday differs from the last, but everyone leaves a bit bewildered at the events that transpire while the group is together.

To anyone who doubts the power of God in Overflow, Isabella says that even though “religion has pushed God away, [he is a] God of love and a God of Experience and he is worth giving a chance.” That is the point of Overflow, to bring experience in the fullness of God to all who join the family.

Overflow meets every Monday at 8:30 pm in West 317.

For more information contact Isabella Novaes:


You can also find the Overflow Blog at:

Vanessa Irie, Staff Writer

A Taste of RUM


Are you looking for a place on campus where you ‘fit’ into a group? Are you a student interested in finding a place to worship the Lord with your peers? Are you new on campus and discovering that you have nothing to do on Wednesday nights? Maybe what you need is a taste of RUM! Reinhardt University Ministries provides a worship service known as Real Deal each Wednesday at 8 PM inside the Glasshouse. Real Deal is a ministry service that includes praise and worship music, ministry from Reverend Leigh Martin, and activities that help students grow closer to one another and closer to the Lord.
Jessica Brown, an avid attender of Real Deal functions, says this about her experience with Real Deal, “I like the worship. It’s been a place for me to come since my freshman year, but it’s all about the worship. It’s where I found my niche.” A member of the Real Deal band, Rebecca Schlanger, said this, “I like having the opportunity to play in the band.” Freshman student, Brooke Gordon says, “I like meeting and talking to people that I can relate to and I like building these relationships.”
Each week the Real Deal service has a theme. Last week the theme was “Second Chances”. Upon entering the Glasshouse you can still see the “Second Chances” tree put together during an activity at a Real Deal service. The theme for next week is “When the Lights are Off”. Feel free to join the group at Real Deal on Wednesday at 8 PM inside of the Glasshouse.
Interested in attending Real Deal or other RUM events? Some on campus events include:
  • Freshley – Each Monday at 7 PM inside of the Glasshouse. Freshley is a student lead ministry geared specifically for freshman students.
  • Wesley Fellowship – Each Tuesday at 6 PM inside of the Glasshouse.
  • Baptist Collegiate Ministry – Each Monday at 6 PM inside of the West Apt. Community Room.
  • International Justice Mission (IJM) – Each Tuesday at 8 PM inside of the West Apt. Community Room.
  • Campus Catholics – First meeting on Wednesday, September 5 from 5:30-7:00 inside of the West Apt. Community Room. Dinner will be provided.

Contact Leigh Martin for more information:

Kelcey Caulder

It’s All about Soul

This Christmas season, Reinhardt College will be working with R.M. Moore Elementary School to help community members in need through a program called “The Giving Tree.” A tree is located in the President’s Lobby on the main floor of the Administration building and it is decorated with angel-shaped tags. If you would like to contribute, simply visit the tree, pick an angel tag, go out shopping for the gift that the tag requests (which will be something simple, i.e. clothing, toys, books, etc) and then place the wrapped gift under the tree with the ornament taped to it. Make sure to leave your name off of the tag. All gifts are due no later than December the 15th.

Reinhardt has been doing many things around campus to make this Christmas season a little brighter for those in need. Circle K has been involved in most of these efforts, including a tremendous holiday feast that took place the Friday before Christmas break at the Goshen Valley Boys Ranch. They also did the Shoebox charity event. But that isn’t all they have in store- “We have a possible activity coming up on the 13th, where we’re going to go down to St. Jude and we’re just going to do arts and crafts with the kids at the hospital,” says Sara Hobbs of Circle K. If you are interested in this activity, you can contact her by email.

“This community does so much to support Reinhardt, and the Giving Tree is just one way for us to give back to them,” says Janna Moore, Executive Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Institutional Advancement and External Affairs.
Niki Jones


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