New Scholarship Endowment Established at Reinhardt University

Students at Reinhardt University often discuss the difficulty of finding scholarships to help cover the cost of steadily increasing private school education. New donations from the trust of Mr. James M. Boring Jr. and Syble E. Boring, long-time supporters of the college, will help ease the financial burden placed on students.

The contribution of more than $200,000 has allowed the university to establish the James M. Boring, Jr. and Syble E. Boring Scholarship Endowment, which will provide scholarship assistance to Reinhardt students, based on demonstrated financial need and academic success. Priority for these scholarships will be given to students in or from Whitfield County, where Mr. Boring was president of Dalton Rock Products and Dalton Asphalt for 30 years prior to his retirement.

“It was my privilege to know and visit Mr. and Mrs. Boring on many occasions, and I have fond memories of both,” said JoEllen Wilson, Reinhardt University’s Vice President for Advancement. “They appreciated what Reinhardt means to our students and alumni, as evidenced by the gift for scholarships.”

This was not the first that the Boring family was actively involved in helping to develop Reinhardt’s campus and in bettering the environment for students. Mr. Boring was an active member of Reinhardt’s Board of Trustees from 1989 to 2001, and an emeritus member from 2001 until his passing in 2008. The university’s Jim and Syble Boring Sports Complex, which include the Ken White Baseball and Softball fields, as well as the Ken White Soccer and Lacrosse Fields, was named for the couple.


Kelcey Caulder, Managing Editor

Mark Roberts Makes New Addition to the Reinhardt Family


photo-7By Meagan Hurley, Editor-In-Chief

            (AUGUST 23, 2013)–Mark Roberts, new Vice President of Academic Affairs for Reinhardt, begins his journey as an Eagle this fall. Roberts, the former VPAA for Virginia Intermont College in Bristol, Virginia, is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University where he obtained both his Bachelors and Masters degrees in English literature.

Upon being asked why he made the decision to come to Reinhardt, Roberts commented that he had become familiar with Reinhardt while working at Virginia Intermont College, a similar size school, and he thought that it would, “be a good fit.” “I saw how Reinhardt was changing and growing into one of the bigger schools for private colleges and I was very impressed,” he said.

Roberts says that the Vice President of Academic Affairs is a leadership position to ensure academic quality at our institution. He works with faculty members and deans to set the agenda for improving academics, graduation rates, retention rates, and the honors program. When asked how he thinks he can contribute to making Reinhardt University a more dynamic college, he answered, “I come with four years of experience at a small liberal arts college similar to Reinhardt. Reinhardt is now in the process of transitioning into a larger college and I really want to be a part of that by helping add more graduate programs and exploring regional interests.”

In regard to the changes Reinhardt is currently experiencing as the university expands and the football program starts, Roberts commented, “The addition of sports, academic programs, and the delivery of programs is contributing to the evolution of Reinhardt’s community, making it more diverse. Institutions can’t remain the same forever. The key is to manage growth while maintaining sustainability and taking the next step forward.” He feels that Reinhardt students and faculty alike are ready to embrace these changes.

Roberts says that he is very pleased to be at Reinhardt and is optimistic about the 2013-2014 school year.

Fly on the Wall: The Buzz on Gordy

Photo by Parker Bennett.

Photo by Parker Bennett.

Gordy Dining Hall–The place where the smell of poor college kids and desperation slaps you in the face as soon as you walk through the doors.  Yes, all the Reinhardt students know it very well, for it’s the place they resort to when their stomachs are growling and they are either too broke to go into Canton to eat or are too lazy to actually get in their cars and go somewhere else. Although Gordy can be a savior to those who have faced one or both of these problems, there are a few rules that students need to follow in order to survive in the jungle of the dining hall. Have no fear, students, I am here to help.

If you thought that college lunch rooms would be different than high school… You were wrong. It’s not different. It’s the same. As once sang by Bowling For Soup, “High School Never Ends.” Inspired by watching Mean Girls over the weekend, I decided to put together a diagram of how Gordy works. I split it up into two parts: where to sit and what to eat. If you are a freshman, this article will keep you from getting your hands stepped on in your attempts to climb up the social ladder. As for the upperclassmen, you will probably just get a kick out of how accurate these diagrams are.


Seating in the dining hall is a lot more complex than what is often seen by the naked eye. There is a complicated system that you are obligated to live by. There are “free zones” that are safe to sit at, open to anyone in the student body. One student that most people know, Josh Robinson, typically sits in the safe zones. If you don’t know who Josh is, you probably should. He’s hard to miss.

Other tables are territorially owned by some of the big cliques of Reinhardt. As seen in the first diagram, the red boxes symbolize the safe places to sit without facing the irritated glares of the students you don’t belong with. Otherwise, the tables are labeled with the typical cliques that sit there. Most of the long tables sit most of the athletes and upperclassman “populars”. The round tables are for more of the smaller groups, like the freshman partiers or the cheerleaders.

If you sit at the wrong table, BEWARE. Prepare for whispers and evil glares from the other people at the table. You will be made fun of. You will feel awkward. You will be out-casted.

As far as food goes, most of the food, aside from the main entrees, is safe. The pizza is good as long as it has just come out of the oven and doesn’t have any leftover chicken or veggies from the day before. Stick to pepperoni and cheese. Salads are always healthy and all. The side entrees are usually okay if they have pasta or nachos. Sandwiches are always a safe second. Stay away from the main entrees unless it is Fried Chicken Wednesday or pasta day. The tofu that they put in everything may look safe, but it’s still tofu and it’s still gross.


One last thing to remember is to never forget your card. The Card Nazi will hunt you down tell you that you aren’t allowed to eat there. Do not pass GO. Do not collect 200 dollars. If you follow this guide, you are sure to have the best experience you could possibly have in a dining hall with mediocre food and high school cliques… You’re welcome.

The Hiltonian newspaper staff goes to University of Georgia for GCPA


Video composed edited and made by Kelsey Swofford

Walking for Peace




        Each year a memorial walk is held in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. and his various contributions to society. This year, Reinhardt University students are being given the opportunity to join in the nation-wide Peace Walk. Reinhardt’s DREAMS and Philanthropy groups have joined together to organize a peace walk of their own! On January 17, from 3:30-4:30, students will march all over campus, from the Admissions House to the Gym, finally to conclude in the Glasshouse.

        Once they have arrived in the Glasshouse, Reinhardt students will be given the opportunity to watch a video about Martin Luther King Jr. and play games with one another. In addition to several fun activities and an inspirational video, there will be a Banner Decorating Competition that groups and organizations can participate in. To enter, groups must create a banner that depicts what peace means to them and what Dr. King’s legacy means to them. If you have questions, or would like more information, please contact Letia Wyatt. 

Kelcey Caulder, Managing Editor

Creative Writing Spotlight: Drew Laurens

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

From Iron Prophet Skallagrim the Ancient:

Brother! Brother, put on your lifting shoes! This is holy ground! Come away from that evil device, its ponderous advances cannot harm you in the safety of the Rack! Join me, here, let your soles touch the rubber and cast away your hesitance!

Sisters! Step down from those infernal machines! Tarry not near the scale! That shadow of the truth blinds your real sight! The hood of doubt leads you down a long, slow, and distant path! Hearken, that you may learn the value of strength! Yea, the righteousness of a c-shaped butt! The glory of an unassisted pull-up!

What is it you fear? Why do you run from the Iron? It means you no harm! Indeed, were it to speak, were these stones to cry out, they would tell not of carnage but of true strength! It is on floors like this that legends train to become legends, champions forge their legacies, and heroes stride with purpose! It is here, where the plates ring and the bar bows and the chalk floats, here, where the song of steel drowns out the voices of the bros, here, now, under and over and with the Bar that your destiny may be wrought! The kickback unmans you! The bench hypnotizes you! The Smith machine–that abomination–conspires to remove that which your ancestors relied upon–your athletic adaptability!

Is the world populated with isolational lifts? Does the furniture you tote move along a single axis at a time? Verily, were you taught to lift during an earthquake? From the beginning it was not so! You know the right of these facts–indeed, your hearts echo in time with the clang of the plates! You burn for the Iron! You yearn for its metallic scent in your nostrils, for cramp-inducing squats and deadlifts of thrice-bodyweight with which to fill your training logs! You see your heroes–athletes and lifters all!–on the tube, in the magazines, and if you want to be like them: supple, strong, lean–then come–Train–liftGROW!

Your arms beg you for compound movements! Your posterior chains are malnourished by your steady diets of desk jobs! Let rise in you the primal precursor to your horn-rimmed-glassesed-self: your tribal strongman screams long and loud in your heart, is kneeling, begging to be freed at least three times per week!

Venture not into the land of the Small Pink Dumbbell, that lie-laced paradise of soy milk and artificial honey! Take and eat of the red meat your grandfather’s grandfathers ate to become strong! Fibrous plant matter was a supplement to fatty animal flesh–eaten off the bone!–in days of yore. Who are you to deny your body’s own urgings? In unsung ages past–undreamed of except by a few–the old gods, Milo, Grimek, Anderson, Park, Justa, Saxon, Pearl, Maxick, Sandow, Kono, and all their ilk hoisted and strove to exert their mighty wills against unyielding Iron, and time and again they proved themselves in flashing arenas and under weight-bent bars.

Their example, their sweat-soaked sacrifice, is what today gives life to the gym in which you stand! They set the precedent, and they did not intend for you to sit passively and row mindlessly, empty eyes surveying a sea of mediocrity and woe! The truth blazed in them as it blazes in me–brightly! hotly! eternally!–that with great effort comes great reward! They frolicked in the easy power of their steely thews and made child’s play of man-crushing weight! This is the way of things, that man should ne’er be at the mercy of his surroundings! That man should be a victor, as Epictetus reminds us: the Iron is that rough antagonist! Become a conqueror!

Let those who have ears hear! Leave behind antiquated and rusty ellipticals! Turn away from the tentacular Nautilus, that creature from the depths of slothful oceans, deny your vanity and look beyond the mirror to the Rack! Take from the libraries of those who have come before you a program suited to your needs–they are myriad and effective–and live up to your potential, rather than drown it in endless cardio! Become proficient in the squat, deadlift, press, and pull-up, yea, verily, sprint on the same days that you squat, and you will see–feel–know–yourself to be a changed person! Yes, a day may come upon which you must sit down to curl–but it is not this day! Gird up your belt, coat your hands with chalk, and anoint yourself in the flames of the Rack!

Written By: Drew Laurens, Contributor, Community Member


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