Elite TM CD Box – Is It good to Buying?

One thing that has stirred up the community for the past few months, and for its Gastly Community Day, is the elite TM Box. Even though a fantastic possibility to acquire a second benefit through an Elite TM, such a commodity’s value remains to be seen. What’s the true significance of this Community Day box? Is it worth getting? Pros? Negatives? Let’s have a look! If you want to watch a movie investigation, you can here.


Item Value
Super Incubator x 3 600
Incense x 3 120
Ultra Ball x 30 N/A
Elite TM x 1 ~560

By looking at the contents of the box like an entire, it is not so appealing. The significance of only 3 incubators and 3 logos within it self is not really worth the purchase price. Looking at the current bins (7/14/2020), for just 200 coins you then are able to purchase much more to get a less expensive. You might well be thinking about why I didn’t set a worth. I see no worth. Through enough patience turning stops and launching presents, it is easy to obtain 30 extremely chunks in an hour (more or less). However, that the Elite TM being worth 560 coins sounds sensible. 1280 to get the lot’s price isn’t.


  • Eligibility to purchase an Elite TM
  • Profit a Small competitive Benefit
  •  Extra incenses and also incubators (although highly-priced)


  • 1280 coins is too much
  • Ultra balls really don’t have value
  • Additional worth to Exact Same items Far Better at Extremely and Experience Vessel
  • Spending 1280 for an Elite TM (Fundamentally ) when Appreciated at 560

Final Comments

Certainly, the Community Day box has been high tech in its current condition. Upping the range of super incubators (3 to 5 2 5/6), incense (3 to 5 5/6) and ditching Ultra balls for celebrity bits (5/6) are the ideal choice for Niantic in my own opinion) That way they do not need to earn any pricing changes. Producing the box cheaper is another method too. Perhaps coins such as the previous containers that are Great? Something needs to contribute. Don’t get me wrong, buying an e-lite TM is worth every penny! At this pricepoint? Absolutely not.


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