Black Clover

Latest Spoilers leaked for Black Clover Chapter 265 read now.

it looks like an uh a place rich in mana and it just looks magical snow it is just an area and we also self kids it looks like so that’s why I want to say this is the elf village we see butterflies flying around and stuff like that it’s a bottle went off on this so that’s what one of the pages is it looks like a two two-page spread on that so y’all get something cool to l really honestly I’m I’m still hype about sexy like I’m really i don’t know man likey’ all be making fun of me sometimes be like man this man always

talking about the sexy man she’s just a cool character and they’re like all right I ‘ma stop let me stop okay another thing i see is it seems like a flashback to the fight um versus majiculaso it seems like the spoilers this week are kind of you know not that clear to me without the translations that’s why I’m having like the kind of like I’m not gonna say trouble but like I’m kinda don’t wanna like get anybody’s hopes up but I’m letting y’all know what i see there just not translated it looks like a flashback to the fight against magical slash

veronica they did a powerful attack on her we know this we see this and noel whenever noel realizes she gets immediately upset guys and she looks she got that you knowfacey’ all remember a couple of chapters back whenever you know was making that mad face and everybody was like man that man mad look noel is mad this chapter two like ain’t got it they got something to be mad about they do have something to be mad about another page we see is another flashback could tell whenever Tabata does flashbacks because i read black clovers much that um i just could tell whenever about it that’s flashbacks and we see a lot of petrol on the ground messed up but this is a flashback guys don’t think this is the present she’s

messed up a dog like she’s messed up pretty bad she got blood coming out her mouth and stuff like that like and then we see like kind of little crystal thing you all know as the little crystal things with all the gems in the magical power-ups or whatever uh yeah they got a that got to be a magic increase right there that thing that shareholding then we see it seems like a second a flash secret it seemed like a second ace flashback and uh she said they got my girl sad like that man that’s crazy come on Tabata you can make us cry not sexy yeah second ain’t about to cry about to make me cry let’s see what else we gotten this is the last one that we got it seems like the gang is all right seems like this probably should be towards

the end of the chapter that gonna be towards the end of the chapter we see the gang is all right um noel gets up then the gang everybody survived mimosasurvivedluck survived charming survived Leopold survived and seconded they survived the all knew second he was gonna survive all right then uh novel is kind of like the last one to wake upit seems like they seem like they still have their fighting spirit and they’re ready to fight another battle soi like the outfit uh noel’s wearing like it’s just like a kind of like a

sleepoutfit there’s nothing special buti like when characters wear differentoutfits than their main outfitit just some uh to me it’s always like atreatuh then we seea lot of dialogue going on betweenthe the elves and noel and other thanthat that’s allthat got leaked nowwe’re getting this chapter early thisweek and next week it’s going to begoing on breakso that’s all i have for you guys todayhopefully you guys enjoyed this article.


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