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Spoilers for One piece 991, A very important fight is coming in one piece check here.

He spoilers of chapter 991 of all ONE PIECE happen to be on the internet for a couple of hours right following a few Korean resources have leaked that the original contents of the new incident. The rest scheduled at the end of chapter 990 eventually continued significantly less than expected due to the attempts of their insiders, however, some fans show their disappointment at the anticipated release of the spoilers. Anyway, the Very First news here follows:

Title:”Let me Die “; At the end, there’s a sentence by which the Red Sheaths say to Kaido: “As samurai of Oden, why don’t we die”; Luffy agrees into the alliance together with Drake however Zoro, Jinbe, and also Franky refuse and decide to stop homepage-one and Ulti attack the Mugiwara but are intercepted by Nami and Usopp who manage to divert their consideration; Since Drake has been forced to face Zoro, Apoo abruptly seems to strike them both. The 2 so find themselves facing Apoo collectively; Jack drops (not defined whether or worse) due to Inuarashi and Nekomamushi within their Sulong kind.

Kaido prepares to combat Kaido tries to knock Kinemon outside using Boro Breath but his strong strike is cut into 2 from the samurai; The chapter starts Kinemon stating: “Let me die”;


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