Black Clover

Pure and Detailed Spoilers For Black Clover Chapter 266, Full Chapter Leaks here.

yo what’s going on with y’all it’s your boy next and in today’s video I’m going to be talking about the black cover chapter 266spoilers so before we get too deep into the video make sure to leave thumbs up and subscribe with bell notifications on now moving on to these spoilers it’s like wow like these are some crazy spoiler sum let’s get straight into it so i donut really know the order that they’re gonna be uh you know the pages are in but they leaked I’ll say like I want to say like seven pages that i’ve seen maybe more maybe less um what y’all want to talk about first i mean we see Asta’s devil come out of posters it seems like that arm yeah he paying the price for that arm that he used the devil’s power for because his arm is missing the panels of these leaks like its really crazy and this devil’s just straight tstraight up came out like I really really like his devil’s forum

i wonder if we’re actually going to get a more visual former more physical form of his devil because it kind of seems like his devilish still kind of a very shadowy figure like for instance agreed was you know more in the physical realm but i want to see how Kosta’s devil is going to be whenever he’s apart from astai’m actually surprised that isis devil appears to be not um connected to them because they’re probably connected by like unlike some kind of link to each other but what i mean by that is oscar’s devilish just straight up like in front of asta which is crazy because i i didn’t know that he would be able to you know not to need ahostat all because I don’t know we’re

just gonna have to see about that’s pretty interesting so that pretty Coolum we get some more panels we see knocked talking to oscar it seems like knock is a really cool character man he throws off his cloak and he’s a he’s real sleek he got a real sleek design real cool I really like his character so far it seems like he’s gonna be telling us to some stuff and really progressing faster to that next level now we don’t see you know in any of these um spoilers specifically in relation to osta’s training so speaking on Esta’s training it appears that not actually uses his magic and sends them to a different want to say a different I mean for the sake of the video I’ll just say

different place and this place looks kind of like ritualistic because it has candles and stuff so that seemed like some demonic stuff right there something going on we know not actually has a lot of information on devils and he is a very capable double user himself I’m not sure what he actually did to osta but whatever it is it made nearly get taken over by the devil because mean at least from a visual aspect half of us this face is the anti-magic devil and the other half is his face kind of like macular and veronica pretty much the same thing going we’ve never seen the devil take that much of hostile before and wonder how that’s going to play out and i wonder if Noctis is suspicious don’t think knocked this suspicious but I’ll you know I’ll wait to see what y’all got to say about that too these are a really interesting man getting like kind of deep into them really wish i could read

Japanese and stuff like that but as soon as these get translated you guys better know that I’m breaking them down for yall the really cool stuff going on in this chapter um let’s see if i see any more uh things i should talk about that i see also see gadgets so we’re getting guys the next chapter I know a lot of people are gonna be excited for that I’m more excited for the oscar training stuff but Gaja looks pissed off rightfully so because his queen has literally forgotten kidnapped so that’s not a good thing at all we see charlotte pretty mad and they’re going to be discussing some stuffit appears that they actually discuss manga and Zoro so I wonder how that’s going to go with Magna and or unless

i don’t know but we’re gonna see something about them know a lot of people have been asking all of the things that people were asking for are finally gonna be addressed in this chapter like i said this is just like a spoiler video talking about the spoilers but once the chapters in English you guys come back to the channel and check out the review because gonna break it down because this is fireman like this is really a lot going on in this chapter and i like it because it’s a lot of people were complaining about the last chapter being too short now this chapter we got a lot so everybody should be happy with that it kind of looked dark man i don’t the least not that clear but to be honest it looked

like they got skulls and stuff that’s pretty cool, yeah i mean they had a color page that released to the color page was pretty cool but yeah i think I’m gonna go ahead and end the video there that ismy you know thoughts and stuff and talking about the spoilers hopefully you guys enjoyed Article


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