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Full Detail Spoiler  And Raw Scan For Dr. Stone Chapter 168 , Release Date, Leaks, And much more 

Continuing Dr. Stone’s narrative this chapter 168 commences with a spectacle where the Perseus, both Francois, and Kaseki have now managed and rescued four people out of the hands of Stanley. The band then fled. Xeno has been arrested and today what they need to do isn’t hurt the current circumstance.
Senku subsequently functioned with Brody, a production engineer on the Xeno faction. He also began to guide the recipe in making a majority revitalizer. And how Dr. Stone chapter 168 concludes here

Recalling a bit about Dr.Stone chapter 167, Tsukasa properly commanded Xeno. The two talk to each other, and Xeno understands he was grasped by Senku’s electricity. Xeno is then taken off by Tsukasa and doesn’t allow Xeno to possess some opportunity to get in touch with his own ally. The receptor was also freed, it looks like they handed through the tunnel to avoid Xeno’s ears and eyes.
Dr. Stone “chapter 168 to be released on Sunday, October 4

Spoilers and Release for Dr. stone chapter 168, Raw Scan, and other updates. - DC News:

Comprehend that the competition just knows English, all of the classes communicate with Japanese. Senku subsequently requests to chat with Xeno. He tells Xeno he comes with a recipe for beating petrified people. All Senku needs is Xeno’s corn field. The two later met to talk. Senku revealed that the petrified event happened due to the activities of a character called Why Person. In order to get out to the end and also solve whatever, they should go to the moon as soon as you can.

In Perseus, Senku returned to the ship and has been opposite the Stanley Team. Right after they received a call in Chrome. Chrome admits that she has dug the tube and successfully seized Xeno.

But, Xeno will not accept to combine Senku’s band but agrees to interact to reestablish just one thousand those who’re petrified. Xeno accepts that Senku makes use of her whole corn field to finish this revival.
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