The Declassified Guide to College: 2nd Semester

By Caleb Smith

When you become accustomed to creating great memories with loved ones, eating home-cooked meals, and playing every video game, the worst thing that could possibly happen occurs, going back to school. Although some parents may seem to be overbearing, it has no comparison to finals week or pulling the infamous all-nighter.

I’m fully aware that you all may feel depressed once you set foot back on campus ground, however, it’s my personal duty to provide you with the necessary guidelines for making this semester unforgettable.

Yes, I agree that it is extremely difficult parting ways with your childhood friends, your high school sweetheart, and even your beloved grandparents, but you can make it through these next couple of months by channeling your energy towards your social life, exercise, and most importantly your studies.This is the time to incorporate your new year’s resolution into your daily regimen; whether it is to have better eating and sleeping habits or to get all A’s. Never forget that this semester is the chance to create a new persona for you. Daylight savings time as well as the cold weather could make you feel drowsy, however, this irritable feeling can be nullified by simply partaking in extracurricular activities, such as playing pickup basketball, attending events on campus, or even better, joining the Hiltonian!

Although extracurricular activities are extremely beneficial to one’s college experience, you must first be able to master the ability of handling your stressful schedule. This task becomes even more burdensome if you are in the workforce as well as the classroom. The UCLA Higher Education Research Institute, has recently discovered some astonishing data; they concluded that “nationwide first/year college students’ sense of emotional well-being is at its …lowest since 1985”. Moreover, a plethora of students attending FIU have recently begun reporting the overwhelming pressure to succeed. After coming across these intriguing statistics, one might begin to question how to find a happy medium between your studies and your social life, especially due to them playing such an integral role regarding one’s overall wellness.

As a result, it is extremely vital to manage your time by either using your reminder apps on your phone or just simply applying a good old-fashioned calendar. In closing, continue to be persistent and focused towards your goals, believe that anything can be accomplished with self-confidence and a slight sprinkle of optimism as well. Therefore, keep your heads held high Eagles, and know that the best is yet to come!

Ultimate Abs and Yoga

By Deborah Dahn

Every Monday at 5:15 pm in the upper level of the gym Mrs. Stacy instructs the Ultimate Abs class. The class is focused on strength training exercises and burning the fat in your abs. The class is an hour or an hour and fifteen minutes long, and the exercises target your back as well as your core. You need a lot of endurance to complete the workouts, but you will feel excellent every time you do the specialized exercises. If you are not targeting a specific area of your body, then the Yoga class is for you. The yoga class is every Wednesday at 5:15 pm.

Just like the Ultimate Abs class, the Yoga class is an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes long. Yoga is all about flexibility and releasing tension in your body. It is extremely peaceful and focuses on breathing and relaxation. The people who have attended the class with me were extremely satisfied at how relaxed and at peace they were.

“Yoga stretches muscles and parts of your body that do not get used often such as your lower back, I like that the exercises are designed to relieve stress as well as mental and physical tension. The exercise is not as intense”- Emily Haney.

I can personally attest that these exercise classes will help improve your mental and physical health and relieve the pressures of school.


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