RU Homecoming Event Day 2: Minion Movie Review

By Deborah Dahn

If you loved the movies Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2, you will absolutely love the spin-off movie: Minions. This animated series from directors Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda are centered on the villain Gru. Gru has henchmen that are called minions. These minions are not your typical henchmen; they are yellow, cute, and hilarious. They do not seem evil at all. Nobody understands the minions because they seem to speak a mixture of languages (English, Spanish, French, and probably some gibberish).

This movie is the story of how the minions started following Gru. Their sole existence revolves around serving an evil villain. The minions started finding a master ever since the age of the dinosaur. They got blamed for the extinction of the dinosaurs, the extinction of cavemen, as well as the loss of the French Revolution. Three minions, Kevin, Bob, and Stewart, were sent to New York to find a new boss for their tribe. While watching TV in a local mall, they saw an advertisement of villain con. In that advertisement, they saw the number one villain: Scarlett Overkill (Sandra Bullock). Villain con is in Orlando, Florida, so they hitchhiked a ride with an evil family.

Their adventure begins once they miraculously win a contest against other super-villains to work for Scarlett Overkill. Their assignment was to steal the crown from the Queen of England for Scarlett. The audience was in constant laughter as the story unfolded. The minions were like family and stuck together through the highs and lows. They are extremely loyal creatures. The (PG) movie is not just for children, but of people of all ages. The movie is action packed and hilarious. I laughed from beginning to end.

Homecoming Event 1: RU Pep Rally & Block Party

By Kelly Kipfer

Reinhardt University’s student activities council held a homecoming pep rally and block party on Monday, October 19, 2015, to help get students into the homecoming spirit. This school spirit filled event took place outside of the Hasty Student Life Center and began at 8:30 P.M.

The first thing students were to do when they arrived was to sign in. Once students signed in they received their meal ticket. These meal tickets got students free food, and there were two food trucks present (Fuddruckers and Gotta Have It- Globally Inspired Fusion Cuisine). Once students got their food the real fun began.

There was a variety of fun games and activities for students to get involved in. These included fun inflatables and a photo booth, where you can share your Eagle spirit with other fellow students. Freshman student, Moieshia McGee states, “I’m very excited about homecoming. A lot to look forward to. I’m most excited for the mask making and the homecoming dance. This will be the first homecoming dance I ever went to, so that’s exciting. GO EAGLES!!!” Moieshia is one of the many students who has Eagle spirit, just in time for Homecoming.

The marching band and the cheerleaders made their entrance on the lawn outside of the Hasty Student Life Center. With the band’s music and the cheerleader’s chanting, students were feeling the school spirit. Also on the lawn there was a small stage set up. On this stage, there were two Samba dancers. These dancers were wearing colorful attire and got the audience involved. A few students even got on the action, and went up on stage and danced along. The Samba dancers also took pictures with students after their dancing was over. Soar the eagle was also spotted (you had to look closely). Also, towards the end of the block party and pep rally free homecoming “Gold Out” t-shirts were given out to students to get them ready for the big homecoming game. These were all fun events geared at getting Reinhardt students hyped for homecoming.

The 2015 homecoming block party and pep rally was a fun spirited night for Reinhardt students to get ready for the homecoming football game and the homecoming dance. There are many other fun homecoming events this week for students to attend, including the “Minions” movie Tuesday night as well as the talent show on Friday night, just to name a few. You can find all the homecoming events and details on Reinhardt’s website or through your student email. The big homecoming football game is this Saturday, the 24th starting at noon, and the homecoming dance is also this Saturday the 24th at 9 p.m. in the Bannister Glasshouse. The theme for homecoming is “Carnival de Reinhardt”. Go Eagles!

Video Game Review: NBA 2K16

By Caleb Smith

On Sept. 29th, arguably one of the best video games ever created hit the market. Thousands camped outside of local retail stores in order to receive the highly anticipated 2k16. As a result of the consistent success of the 2k series throughout the years, many have questioned if the game could truly live up to the hype. While reading this article, you will not only become aware of vital features such as the graphics, and My Player, but solid teams to play with that are under the radar as well.

One of the most beloved features of 2k16 is ‘My Player’. This feature has gained an immense amount of popularity throughout the years, due to it providing gamers the opportunity to create their own player, who could eventually become the best player in the NBA. Although ‘My Player’ is believed to be one of 2k’s best attributes, many believe that there needed to be some more adjustments; thanks to the help of Spike Lee, the gamers’ needs were met.

Once you begin playing My Player on 2k16, you will not be able to put the remote down!

During the production of 2k16, 2k Games decided to partner with the Academy Award-winning director Spike Lee, in order to enhance the quality of the feature. After playing My Player, I can tell you first-hand that it’s like nothing that you’ve ever experienced – it’s like a movie within the game!

Before you begin to play, you are first presented the option to take a picture of yourself, and then submit it to the game, so you could have your player look exactly like you. Unlike the previous 2k’s, the submission of your picture is completed within thirty seconds. I know right now you might be amazed, but that’s not even the best part. Spike Lee set the ‘My Player’ feature as a documentary covering the journey from your high school career to the NBA. While in high school, you will begin to feel pressured by your girlfriend, family members, recruiters, and NBA owners, who will all have an immense impact on your decision-making.

Throughout your ‘My Player’ career, you will experience a tremendous amount of success, but it will be up to you to obtain a good image, and to keep both your brand and family under control. Although My Player has improved greatly over the years, it’s not the only 2k feature that has gamers excited.

As a fellow gamer, I know the importance of both graphics and player ratings. These two qualities are vital to one’s experience of the game. Thankfully, while playing 2k16, you will not have to worry about having any issues concerning poor graphics or inaccurate player ratings.

2k has gained a vast amount of popularity throughout the years, due to them displaying the details of a player’s tattoos and even their signature sneaker. As expected, 2k has topped last year’s performance in this department; the graphics are so detailed that you will think you’re watching the game live on your flat screen. The game displays the signature Steph Curry free-throw ritual that consists of him chewing the side of his mouthpiece while he shoots. Furthermore, I know that all of the LeBron fans, including myself were extremely disappointed at the poor detail of his hairline; well guess what gamers. He officially has a real hairline on 2k16!

After being impressed by the detailed graphics, I was even more amazed by the accurate ratings of both the teams and players. As expected, LeBron James holds the highest ranking, while only one overall point over MVP Stephen Curry. Names such as Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and LeBron James have become synonymous with winning while competing with fellow gamers. Although these players are very dominant, your winning percentage could actually increase by playing with teams that are under the radar. Teams such as the Miami Heat and the New Orleans Pelicans are believed to be great match-ups for powerhouse clubs such as Cleveland and Golden State, due to their deep rosters.

In conclusion, with all of the new features and roster updates, prepare to be amazed!

Q&A with President Mallard

By Deborah Dahn

Many of you are familiar with the newly elected President of Reinhardt University. President Dr. Kina Mallard gives hope for the promising future of Reinhardt University. She has implemented many changes such as the renovation of the Gordy Dining Hall. In this Q&A, she answers many of the FAQ amongst students on campus and you as students and individuals will get to know what kind of person and leader she is. There will continue to be more changes for Reinhardt because President Mallard has plans to make Reinhardt an even better place by first listening to what the students have to say. September 22 will be the day the students will be heard and on April 15, those suggestions will be presented to the inauguration.

The five-year plan for Reinhardt will come from those important suggestions from the students to the leaders. President Mallard’s main focus is on the students because every decision affects them. “We are working on improving the student experience at Reinhardt. Renovation of residence hall space, the new Grab n’ Go at the library, the addition of Starbucks in October, increased activities on the weekends, and a focus on school spirit are examples of student- focused changes.” President Mallard is working on “creating more opportunities for a large group meeting for student input such as the Strategic Planning session on September 22.” She wants more student representation at faculty committees and also encourages that students continue to let their voice be heard through SGA. She is further opening up the bridge of communication by personally reaching out to students and asking their opinions on certain issues. “I always want to be a president who is accessible to the students”- President Kina Mallard.

Under the new leadership of President Mallard, there will be more academic opportunities such as new degrees in Bachelor of Business Administration online and Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. In 2017, there will be a Bachelor Degree of Nursing. President Mallard will work with a leadership team of Vice Presidents and the athletic director to implement these new changes. Most of you have probably wondered what exactly the President does, besides making these exciting changes. President Mallard is an extremely busy woman and the success of Reinhardt depends on her. Strategic planning is the number one thing to do if you want anything you do to succeed. In other words, President Mallard is the sole strategic planner for the school. It is her job to “set the vision and direction of the school” and make sure that everybody else follows suit.

The President and Advancement Team are responsible for fundraising and raising money to support student scholarships, facilities and operations. One of the important jobs that President Mallard does is, in my opinion, be the school’s PR. She” maintains relationships with the students, faculty, staff, donors, alumni, the Board of Trustees, the community and the churches.” Every person has strengths and weaknesses, leaders are not exempt. I asked President Mallard what her weakness was and how she overcomes it. She said,“I am impatient, rarely do things happen fast enough for me. I compensate by being transparent and sharing with my leadership team that I realize I may expect them to move faster than they honestly can move- and I ask them to reign me in when they need to. I asked them to be honest with me when I move too fast and they are! My family figured this out a long time ago and I have a fabulous spouse who keeps me grounded.” Being a leader is not an easy task, and it takes hard work, cooperation and unity from everybody to be a success.

The advice that President Mallard leaves with the students is “- Seek God’s advice. God knows more about Leadership than anyone else. Lean into His understanding. – Listening is the most important leadership skill. You need to have your ear to the heart of your employees and your constituents. – Always respect others. Their opinions matter and can help you be a better leader. – Get things done. Great leaders get great results. – Find opportunities to laugh and have fun. Leading is not easy. You need to find joy in the work. – Surround yourself with balcony people – those who believe in you and cheer you on. The naysayers will find you and you need to balance that with family, friends, and colleagues who will tell you the truth, but believe in you 100% – Hire people who are smarter than you in their areas. Never underestimate the importance of a competent team – Don’t compromise who you are. Be authentic and honest – Always do “the next right thing!”

Movie Review: American Ultra

By Kelly Kipfer

American Ultra is a comedy/action movie, directed by Nima Nourizadeh, that you may not have heard of, however, it is quite interesting to watch. Warning this film is rated R for the following: drug use, language, a little sexual content, blood, and violence. American Ultra will keep you entertained and might even surprise you while watching.

Mike (Eisenberg) and Phoebe (Stewart) make the dream team in what could be this year’s most romantic comedy, American Ultra. Sticking together and fighting off danger is what Mike and Phoebe must do. Both characters demonstrate teamwork and accomplishing what needs to be done. This movie could motivate viewers to use what they have to get what needs to be done completed.

Starring Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart, American Ultra focuses on Mike (played by Eisenberg), who is a stoner and an agent trained by the government. Mike tends to forget that he was trained by the government and he at times does not realize what he is capable of doing, which adds a bit of humor to the film. Mike also does weird things, such as killing a guy with a metal spoon in self-defense. Mike ends up surviving throughout the dangers the government puts him through and saves his girlfriend (Stewart) from getting killed and himself.

Mike is really a genius because he outsmarts the government from catching him, and what is funny is that he doesn’t necessary know how he does it, he just does it. He doesn’t give up either, he fights through everything. This movie can influence viewers to not let things bring you down, no matter how hard it may seem, you can fight through it and survive. Life requires strength.

This movie can be enjoyed by mature audiences, viewers who don’t mind surprises and blood, American Ultra has a good amount of action throughout, keeping its audience involved. From the strong chemistry between Mike and Phoebe to the action scenes, American Ultra is a film that is worth watching at least once.

Ultimate Abs and Yoga

By Deborah Dahn

Every Monday at 5:15 pm in the upper level of the gym Mrs. Stacy instructs the Ultimate Abs class. The class is focused on strength training exercises and burning the fat in your abs. The class is an hour or an hour and fifteen minutes long, and the exercises target your back as well as your core. You need a lot of endurance to complete the workouts, but you will feel excellent every time you do the specialized exercises. If you are not targeting a specific area of your body, then the Yoga class is for you. The yoga class is every Wednesday at 5:15 pm.

Just like the Ultimate Abs class, the Yoga class is an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes long. Yoga is all about flexibility and releasing tension in your body. It is extremely peaceful and focuses on breathing and relaxation. The people who have attended the class with me were extremely satisfied at how relaxed and at peace they were.

“Yoga stretches muscles and parts of your body that do not get used often such as your lower back, I like that the exercises are designed to relieve stress as well as mental and physical tension. The exercise is not as intense”- Emily Haney.

I can personally attest that these exercise classes will help improve your mental and physical health and relieve the pressures of school.


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