Philanthropy Hosts RAINN Day

Photo courtesy of Google Images.
Photo courtesy of Google Images.

Photo courtesy of Google Images.

RAINN, the Rape Abuse & Incest National Network, is the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization. The goal of the organization is to prevent sexual violence, help victims, and ensure that rapists are brought to justice. On September 26th Reinhardt participated in RAINN Day by holding a Take Back the Night Walk to raise awareness for sexual assault and prevention.

Every two minutes, someone in the United States is sexually assaulted. That totals about 207, 754 victims every year. 44% of these victims are under the age of 18. Out of these assaults, 54% will not be reported to the police. 97% of rapists will not spend any time in jail. RAINN’s mission is to reduce these assault statistics by educating people about assault and prevention, and to ensure that rapists are brought to justice. RAINN Day is designed to bring public attention to these statistics, and Reinhardt’s Take Back the Night Walk helped students learn more about sexual assault.

About twenty students participated in the walk, which led from the Glasshouse to the gym. Student Vanessa Irie attended the walk and commented. “At first, I didn’t really understand or see the importance of the walk. But as we made our way to gym, holding our candles in silence, I had time to reflect. So many people are victims, and so many of them stay silent. The sad thing is that their silence doesn’t mean that the pain goes away. It stays with them, and they just suffer alone.” Students attending the walk had the opportunity to learn about the consequences of sexual abuse, both for the victim and the assailant.

RAINN partners with organizations like ABC, Target, Lifetime Networks, and General Mills to spread their message. Their goal is to educate everyone throughout America about rape, abuse, and incest, as well as the consequences of sexual assault. Besides corporate partnerships, RAINN accepts donations. $0.88 of every dollar goes directly to helping victims and working towards preventing sexual violence. Monthly donations go towards education on college campuses, operating the National Sexual Assault hotlines, and providing information on sexual violence to policymakers. Marie Claire magazine called RAINN “One of 10 Best Charities in the U.S” and the Independent Charities of America commended RAINN as the Best Charity in America.  People who donate to RAINN can be assured that their money is going to a great organization.

Students wanting to learn more about sexual assault and the RAINN organization can visit their website at


Candice Bailey, News Editor 

Eagles Take Home Second Consecutive Win, Beating Faulkner

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After narrowly losing the first two football games of the Reinhardt Eagles inaugural season, the Eagles seem to be making a comeback, as they’ve won the last two games they’ve played– instating their first ever “winning streak.” The Eagles took home the W over Faulkner University, Number 23, in Montgomery, AL with a final score of 28-24.

Tevin McCoy also earned the title of Defensive Player of the Week for the Mid South Conference division.

Highlights from the game are supplied by and  include:

L.J. Stegall scored three touchdowns as the Reinhardt University football team upset No. 23 Faulkner, 28-24, Saturday night at John Mark Stallings Field in Mid-South Conference West Division action.

Stegall scored his first touchdown when he ran a Faulkner kickoff back 95 yards in the first quarter to tie the score at 7-all. After a pair of Faulkner touchdowns, Stegall took a shovel pass from Ryan Thompson and went 61 yards to paydirt to pull the visitors back within seven. His final touchdown was the final score of the game as he scored on a five-yard touchdown pass from Thompson to push RU ahead for good, 28-24.

“Defensively, we played our best game,” said RU head coach Dr. Danny Cronic. “Offensively, we were able to do enough against a great defense to pull this one out.”

Tevin McCoy had nine tackles and a pair of sacks to anchor a Reinhardt (2-2, 1-0 MSC West) defense that was averaging over 52 points per game to less than half that total. Reining Mid-South Conference Defense Player of the Week Blake Barnes had seven tackles and a sack. “Tevin is a good ball player that has a lot of savvy. Blake Barnes has a lot of savvy too for that matter,” coach Cronic said. “We needed big games from everyone on defense and those two really stepped up for us.”

The fourth quarter would belong to the visitors as Niagel Curtis took the opening snap of the fourth quarter 55 yards to pay dirt to bring RU within three, 24-21. Faulkner would only get three first downs in the quarter and twice turned the ball over on downs after Stegall’s second touchdown reception of the game.

The Eagles were aided by a pair of costly turnovers by Faulkner (3-1, 0-1 MSC West), as Alvarez Thomas made an interception in the endzone in the second quarter to keep Faulkner off the board and Juice Arnold picked off a Josh Hollingsworth pass to set up an RU field goal attempt.”

The Eagles play Bethel College this coming Saturday, September 28th at 12:00 at Ken White field. You won’t want to miss it.

For more information regarding last week’s game, visit

Eagles Nest Grand Opening

As most students are aware, a brand new restaurant called “Eagle’s Nest” has very recently opened right off campus in the building that previously housed “The Front Porch.” As with all new restaurants, they celebrated their new beginning with a Grand Opening, which took place on Wednesday night, and left all that attended impressed and wanting more. They opened their doors at 5 pm, and served free pizza and wings to anyone that wanted them until 10 pm.


A student that attended the Grand Opening that night, freshman Aili Pitchford was quoted saying: “It seems like a really cool place to go hang out. The food was good and I’m looking forward to going back with friends!” Pitchford was not the only student that seemed to enjoy the new restaurant. Many positive opinions could be heard throughout the restaurant during the course of the night. Those that attended had a great time. Many students showed excitement about returning later in the semester and the year.

For those that missed the opening night and free pizza, there are plenty of chances to return throughout the rest of the school year! Eagle’s Nest is open every Monday through Thursday from 11 am to 10 pm, Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 11 pm, and Sundays from 11 am to 7 pm. They serve pizza, wings, and many other Italian-inspired foods that any college student is sure to crave. Also available, to those that prove they are of drinking age, is a bar with bartenders ready to serve the alcohol beverage of choice.


In comparison to “The Front Porch”, which was previously located in the same venue, “Eagle’s Nest” has much more of a college-friendly environment. With multiple college flags hanging outside, jerseys on the walls inside, televisions, and many areas that can be used to simply hang out, college students will be able to find comfort in this environment as they eat and socialize with friends. Not only is the environment a pleasant thing to experience, but the staff are very helpful and efficient as well, making each person’s visit as enjoyable as possible. “Eagle’s Nest” already looks like a great place to hang out with old friends, make new friends, or simply just enjoy some delicious pizza.

Ashlee Davenport, Staff Writer 

SAC Hosts First Lip Sync/Poetry Slam


Lip-Sync-636x155Last Tuesday night, September 17, SAC held Reinhardt’s first Lip Sync Karaoke/Poetry Slam competition. The glasshouse was packed with lighthearted students and faculty wanting to have fun and dance. Complimentary snacks and drinks were provided, and the cool and comfy atmosphere was the perfect setup for the guest performer of the night.


Modern spoken word artist, Brandon Real T@lkWilliams, on twitter @REALTALKRAPS, performed several poems, which “connected” the student body. Students snapped along to his poetry – moving and hilarious works that speak to college students and teenagers alike.


“Redneck Woman” and Real T@lkin particular had the audience literally screaming “give me some more!”. This mantra was repeated before every new performer. Several bold students took the stage to lip sync and get their groove on to crowd-pleasing songs by beloved artists such as the Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys. The Wobble and the Cupid Shuffle brought half of the audience on stage to dance and have fun while Letia Wyatt and Shelby Noblitt ran the show. Alma Rangel, a member of SAC, was overjoyed at the success of the event, saying “Everyone did a good job, especially the performers. We had a great crowd and a lot of fun”. The energy from the crowd led performers to do some outstanding head-banging and students shouted out encouragement as they left their homework worries behind for a couple of hours.


While SAC does not have another Lip Sync night planned, they did announce their plan to play “The Conjuring” in October, along with several other fun events that students are invited to attend.


Students are encouraged to see any member of SAC to suggest ideas for events they would like to see at the school or to learn more about how they can get involved in events on campus. The RAINN Day: Take Back the Night Walk is the next event on SAC’s calendar. It is to be held on Thursday, September 26, from 7-9pm.


Mollie Street, Staff Writer

Reinhardt Hosts 2013 Student Leadership Conference


Reinhardt University’s 2013 Student Leadership Conference proved to be a huge success. The Glasshouse was full of student leaders eager to learn ways to impact the Reinhardt community. Keynote speaker, Latrell Armstrong, talked to the students about what being a leader in the community means. His message and program, “Making the Dean’s List”, is a true story about a homeless man whose life was changed by one word – potential. Mr. Armstrong empowered students to pursue their full potential and take initiative, to truly become leaders in their community.


Students participated in two quality building games that taught them how to think when dealing with situations in which reaching their full potential could be difficult. The first was an economic, buy-sell stock game where students were paired up and placed in a group with three other sets of partners. They all had one goal: make the most money for their major corporation. Student battled each other every round, some making as much as $37,000 and others losing as much as $26,000. In the end, Mr. Armstrong re-stated the rules to the game – “You are all branches of the same corporation.” His words left the students wondering why they fought so hard when they all had the same goal, and were working for the same pretend company.


The second game Mr. Armstrong presented the students with had an even deeper message. Students had to follow set rules and build their ideal community within a time limit. Frustration and utter confusion ensued. Some students were “arrested” by Mr. Armstrong, who had named himself the Sheriff, and many more were prohibited from making their community as grand as they had wanted it to be. When all was said and done, Mr. Armstrong drove his final point home. With each group committed solely to their small communities, everyone forgot that they were part of an entire city. Instead of branching out of their comfort zones and trying to work with other teams, the students grew irritated with one another and the individual communities quickly became various districts of what a city map looks like.


Instead of working together as a student body, we often become so caught up in prejudices and social classes that we forget we have a common goal to make our school the best that it can be. Mr. Armstrong’s message will be taken to heart by many students, mostly freshman meeting FYS requirements, who stayed, listened and questioned whether or not they were meeting their potential. Now, we ask – Is Reinhardt meeting its potential? And how do we work together, without walls or prejudice, to meet that potential?


Mollie Street, Staff Writer

Year of Germany



Year of Germany will feature events such as Oktoberfest, a hotdog eating contest, a Holocaust memorial, and the first annual Reinhardt Cup. Professor Dana Hall, Year of Germany Co-Chair, assigned her Principles of Marketing class, BUS 302, to initiate the set up of the year’s activities. She feels that having students run the Year of Germany activities will get more students involved.

Hall is very excited about this year’s prospects and the chance for students to explore German history and culture. “Our founder Captain Reinhardt was of German descent and this was the impetus for selecting Germany as the focus for 2013-2014,” Hall stated. “Germany is known as a land of poets, musicians and thinkers who have made significant contributions, from Bach and Beethoven to Martin Luther, who launched the Protestant Reformation.  There is so much to learn about this fascinating country, and it will be impossible to cover everything in a year.  This year, we’re actively involving students in the planning and execution of events and activities, and these students have introduced fresh thinking and great new ideas.”

One fresh and new idea from students included the idea for a non-alcoholic Oktoberfest. Reinhardt’s Oktoberfest will be held on October 17th. Students will be able to learn about the history and culture of Oktoberfest while enjoying root beer and drinking games. The Oktoberfest committee is still in the planning process. Most likely food and drink will be provided through Sodexo, but the group is attempting to incorporate an authentic German deli from Ball Ground, Georgia.

The main goal of the Year of Germany is to educate students about the history of Germany as well as students’ own history. Reinhardt’s library has free access to for students and faculty. Students are encouraged to research their family tree and discover their heritage. The hotdog eating contest during Oktoberfest will require entrants to fill out a family tree to enter. Students can visit the library to fill out a family tree and enter the hotdog eating contest. While students do not have to participate in the hotdog eating contest once a family tree has been filled out, students wanting to enter the contest must fill out a family tree dating back three or four generations.

The Holocaust Memorial will be held in the Glass House the same week as the infamous Night of Broken Glass, or Kristallnacht. The memorial event will feature a history of the Holocaust and the overall history of Germany.

Year of Germany Co-Chair Melissa Doyle is excited for the upcoming festivities and hopes that both students and faculty will participate. “Our committee this year has members from many schools and departments that have never been represented in the Year Of programs.  We can better explore the diversity of a nation by diversifying the program, and everyone benefits.  My hope is that professors will begin to incorporate the Year Of into their courses, adding lectures or assignments as relevant to their discipline.  The activities are going to be more interactive and have greater appeal for everyone.”

Students can look forward to more information on these events.

Candice Bailey, News Editor

Developments In Syria

Photo courtesy of Fox News.
Photo courtesy of Fox News.

Photo courtesy of Fox News.

As the Syrian civil war escalates with their use of increasingly dangerous weapons, President Obama, the rest of Washington and the United Nations conflict on how to approach the sovereign country. Syria has been engaged in civil conflict since 2011, but arose to recent scrutiny with an attack on the Damascus suburbs last month, which resulted in the deaths of over 1,400 people.

With the body count from the Syrian civil war still piling, at 70,000 murdered, death is not new to Syria’s citizens or the onlookers of the world. However, the use of the chemical Sarin, a substance classified as a weapon of mass destruction, is what has drawn the attention of the United States and the United Nations. The details of the Damascus battle as well as the possessions of Syrian President Assad’s weaponry are still under investigation.

U.S. Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagel, announced to reporters, “Our intelligence community does assess, with varying degrees of confidence, that the Syrian regime has used chemical weapons on a small scale in Syria, specifically, the chemical agent Sarin.”

For this ambiguity, the United Nations have been hesitant to urge action towards a country that has been characterized for its violent internal conflict since the 80’s. However, facing an issue of human rights and plain justice, the United States, Britain and France pushed heavily for the United Nations to approve of a chemical weapons investigation team to gain access to Syria. This team arrived in mid-august, just days before the Damascus attack on August 21.

Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, blames rebels battling to overthrow him, saying it makes no sense for his forces to use chemical weapons when they were gaining the upper hand and while U.N. chemical inspectors were staying in central Damascus.

Opponents of the increased involvement in the Syrian civil war included Russia and China who in 2011 vetoed a European-backed U.N. Security Council resolution that threatened sanctions against Syria if it didn’t immediately halt its military crackdown against civilians, and in 2012 a bill a resolution in the U.N. Security Council that backed an Arab League plan calling for Assad to step down.

When Russian President Vladimir Putin was on questioned on his actions towards Syria, he replied that his handling of the situation was shaped by international law and past experiences. His hesitance to increase involvement in Syria’s on goings is rooted in the evidence surrounding the Damascus incident, which the United States feels to be more conclusive then other members of the United Nations. This evidence, Puttin commented, should be presented, but as long as it is withheld as classified. His support cannot be won on the basis of assumptions.

Puttin also delineated on the results of the Iraq war which are viewed by most analysts as a mistake. The Iraq war had its beginnings in a similar fashion, a search unapproved by the United Nations for weapons of mass destruction that were never found.


Leon Sapp, Staff Writer

The Evolution of Asian Women In Cinema


In the film industry, the Asian female has long been a sexploitated figure or a means by which producers could add an element of the exotic in their films. From the limited opportunities offered to old Hollywood Chinese-American actress Anna May Wong to the subsequent submissive roles given to Asian actresses over the years, there has deservedly been a lot of outcry against the cinema medium for mis-utilizing the talents of its Asian thespians. However, in recent years, there’s been a sudden movement where Asian women are allowed to explore further depths in their humanity. They’ve officially embraced their different sides and now symbolize a figure of terror in Asian cinema. In honor of the approaching Halloween, we’ve highlighted below the 7 most dangerous and scariest Asian female characters of the last two decades (beware spoilers):


7. Ugetsu (Kenji Mizoguchi, Japan, 1953)

The only cheat on this list was made 60 years ago, but Ugetsu does speak of the future horror movement in our modern days and has thus earned its place here.

The Story:  In 16th century war-torn Japan, a man leaves his wife and young son at home to go sell his potteries at another village and win bread for his household. Lady Wakasa,  a woman clad in all white, and her older maid buy some wares from the man and tell him to deliver them at her manor. The man does so and becomes ensorcelled with Lady Wakasa’s charms. He chooses to forsake his family and stay on as Lady Wakasa’s new husband.

What’s Dangerous About Lady Wakasa: Turns out she’s a ghost come back from the dead to experience what she never did in her lifetime: wedding bliss. By the time the husband comes to realize this, it is far too late. The ghost refuses to let him leave.



6. Shutter (Banjong Pisanthanakun & Parkpoom Wongpoom, Thailand, 2004)

The Story: After a night drinking with friends, a photographer and his girlfriend accidently hit a woman who was standing in the middle of the road. They decide to run off without helping the young woman. Soon, the photographer begins to see shadows in his pictures, which his girlfriend believe is the ghost of the girl they killed. As the people around them begin to die, the girlfriend decides to make research into who they hit on the road and begins to realize that her boyfriend is more closely related to the ghost than she originally thought.

What’s Dangerous About The Ghost: Besides being a ghost, the girl the couple hit was actually the photographer’s ex-girlfriend. When the photographer broke it off with her and allowed his friends to rape her, the young woman committed suicide and was actually trying to warn the girlfriend. The photographer and his friends are the true monsters in this film, but the ghost still haunts them relentlessly, driving them to suicide or catatonia.

Remade in Hollywood in 2008 as Shutter.



5. Battle Royale (Kinji Fukasaku, Japan, 2000)

The Story: The precursor to The Hunger Games, Battle Royale sees a group of students dumped on an island where they must kill each other in order to survive. The last one standing wins his or her life. While most of the students either try to hide or form alliances, one girl named Mitsuko Souma proves that she’s not here to make friends and goes on a rampage.

What’s Dangerous About Mitsuko: Though she does not win the battle, Mitsuko manages to be the second-deadliest person in the game, killing a total of 6 of her fellow students. Throughout the film, she is shown to use both her body and her mind to get ahead, seducing two boys (and then offing them) and convincing one of her classmates to make an alliance (and then offing her). What’s more dangerous about Mitsuko is that you find yourself rooting for her…

Equivalent in Hollywood is The Hunger Games.


4. Alone (Banjong Pisanthanakun & Parkpoom Wongpoom, Thailand, 2007)

The Story: Twin sisters Pim and Ploy are born conjoined to the stomach. As children, they are staying in a hospital where they meet a boy named Wee. They both fall in love with him, but Wee only has eyes for Pim. Jealous, Ploy thwarts her sister and Wee’s union. Upset, Pim asks that they undergo an operation to separate them. Ploy does not survive the operation. Years later, Pim is dating Wee when Ploy begins to haunt them.

What’s Dangerous About Ploy: Ploy actually never died from the operation. When Pim asked for the operation, Ploy strangled her and assumed her identity when doctors had to force the surgery to separate the living sister from the dead one. So really, while throughout the movie we are spooked by the ghost, we come to realize that the ghost is really Pim trying to warn Weese of Ploy’s deceit.


3. Ju-On: The Curse (Takashi Shimizu, Japan, 2000)

The Story: A man suspects his wife Kayako is having an affair. So he kills her, their young son, and the family cat. Now the house is haunted. Anybody who visits the house becomes haunted by its past occupants, prominent amongst them Kayako herself accompanied with her death rattle.

What’s Scary About Kayako: Even before she became a ghost, Kayako’s obsession and subsequent stalking of a man was a bit eerie. This is what led to her husband’s suspicions. Now, she haunts anybody who steps foot in the house; not only that, her facial expression and the sound she makes as she crawls on the floor towards her victims are true horror staple.

Remade in Hollywood in 2004 as The Grudge.


2. Ringu (Hideo Nakata, Japan, 1998)

The Story: A reporter is investigating the validity of a story where a tape is allegedly cursed. It is claimed that anybody who watches the tape dies after seven days. The reporter watches the tape and is shocked to realize that the curse might actually be true. Through her research, she finds that the one killing the viewers of the tape is a woman named Sadako Yamamura who herself was killed by her father years ago and thrown down a well.

What’s Dangerous About Sadako: She is so dangerous that she induces heart attacks in her victims when she crawls out of the TV or any other reflective surface. And she keeps her promise about coming for you after 7 days.

Remade in Hollywood in 2002 as The Ring.


  1. 1.     Audition (Takashi Miike, Japan, 1999)


And the title for most dangerous Asian female character goes to Asami Yamazaki, undoubtedly the most deceptive and creepiest of all the characters on this list.


The Story: Shigeharu is a middle-aged widower with a teenage son. He hasn’t dated in years but is constantly told that he should. His friend sets up a fake film audition where the two men can choose a potential new wife for Shigeharu from the number of applicants. A lot of women show up, but Shigeharu remains transfixed by Asami, a ridiculously beautiful and unassuming young woman.  The two begin to date. Then, abruptly, Asami disappears. Shigeharu tries to track her down, only to find that all of the contacts on Asami’s resume don’t really exist. But it is Asami who tracks Shigeharu back to his house, drugs him, and begins to torture him for lying to her and for not loving her enough.

What’s Dangerous About Asami: All the while she’s cutting your foot off with a wire, Asami keeps a smile on her face.


Teddy Casimir, A&E Editor 




“Wear” is Your RU Spirit?



When you arise Saturday morning, do you prefer your FREE eagle shirt or a $50.00 Polo? Since it is college football season, and this is Reinhardt’s first year with a football program, it’s only logical to look golden! Feel as if gold isn’t your color? Take a trip to our bookstore, located across the hall from the glasshouse. The book store isn’t just known for the $100 mandated books, but also for the large variety of spirit items and apparel. We are heading towards fall so it’s around the time for a nice, cozy hoodie, which is even offered in pink! Anyone can throw on their school colors, but it takes a real fan to put on the school name!

The definition of school spirit is showing some kind of enthusiasm or emotional support for one’s educational institution. This can apply to any type of school, from elementary schools to universities. It is shown through attendance of athletic events, school colors in dress and decoration, or verbally in the form of chants or cheers. Student behavior reflects on the school; representing it well shows a degree of student investment in their institution’s good name. This definition is heavily associated with good sportsmanship among students, and their families at sporting events. School spirit is really based upon encouraging not only the players but each other. College football is a big deal especially in the South. Not supporting your educational institution’s sport is slapping each player in the face – no matter the sport.

Sitting on the Eagle side isn’t enough support, but the body paint, intense shouting, and aggression towards the opposing side signifies true spirit. This southern tradition includes tailgating; now, that takes spirit to a different level! This pre-game hollering ritual is accompanied by greasy foods and all the Coke products known to man! The most important ritual, however, has to be the dress code! Have you ever had a group of fans give you that “stank” look? Not having on the right color or name can easily cause that look, and to avoid the radical behavior of others, it is necessary to have on the right apparel.

Some people resent following the crowd. Not everyone is going to find their golden shirt “swag” enough. This is where our book store comes in, which has all types of apparel from T-Shirts (short and long sleeves) to hoodies, & sweatpants for the November/December football games. Although our primary colors are navy blue and gold, you can find apparel in many other colors (even neon) that fit your personality and type in our book store! If that’s not enough, who’s to say you have to limit yourself to the apparel in our book store? You can even get creative, and design your own shirt, sweat, or even shorts! Spirit wear is based on the person, not the school, so whatever you feel represents Reinhardt is what you should go for!

Michelle, Staff Writer 

Eagles Beat Kentucky Christian University, 19-14

Barnes named Mid-South Conference Defensive player of the week. Photo by
Barnes named Mid-South Conference Defensive player of the week. Photo by

Barnes named Mid-South Conference Defensive player of the week. Photo by

After two losses, the Reinhardt Eagles made history as they took home their first win against Kentucky Christian University at Grayson, KY on Saturday, September 14th. Blake Barnes was also made RU history, as he was named the Mid-South Conference Defensive player of the week.

Game Highlights:

“Deonte Dennis ran for 115 yards and two touchdowns during the game and L.J. Stegall scored from one yard out with 15 seconds remaining to give the Reinhardt University football team the program’s first win, 19-14.

After a KCU (1-2) score with 2:11 to go in the contest, Reinhardt received the ball on its own 46 after Travis Nunley returned a short kickoff of 25 yards. The Eagles (1-2) worked the ball down the field until Stegall took a toss sweep around the right side of the offensive line and sped to the corner of the endzone to put the Eagles on top, 19-14. KCU would get one last play from scrimmage, but the Eagles recovered a forward lateral as time expired to give RU its first win.

Deonte Dennis opened the scoring with a 79-yard touchdown run midway through the first quarter to give the Eagles the 7-0 lead. KCU answered with a touchdown with 6:14 left in the half on a Jamuel Jones eight-yard run.

The score stayed the same until the fourth quarter when both teams combined for 19 points. Dennis plunged in from a yard out with 6:51 remaining, but the Eagles mishandled the snap on the extra point, leaving the door open for KCU. The Knights would take advantage with 2:11 to go as Lane Knost caught a 14-yard pass from Shaun Jones. With the extra point, the Knights led, 14-13, setting the stage for the late heroics.”

The Eagles will play their next game against Faulkner University in Montgomery, Alabama on Saturday, September 21st.  The next home game will follow on September 28th against Bethel University.

Meagan Hurley, & highlights from Jason Hanes

SGA Election Results

In just three days, two hundred and six of Reinhardt’s nearly twelve hundred students took part in the greatest turnout of voters the school has ever had. With stations set up in Lawson, FPAC, the gym, and Gordy, SGA was able to cover literally every area occupied by students. The Student Government used Chick-fil-a biscuits to encourage students to vote – the turnout was unbelievable!

“The Lawson and Tarpley atrium had the greatest turnout of students as to they walked to and from class”, mentioned Alex Bryant, who also reported that the delicious incentives to vote were taken from other polling sites to accommodate the number of voters in Lawson/Tarpley.

The members of the SGA would like to extend a universal thank you to all of the students who voted, and a special thanks to those who helped at voter stations for all of their hard work. The election results were released to students via their Reinhardt email on September 12, along with the three added amendments to the SGA constitution that students were also able to vote on. The amendments were passed, each with a “yes” rate in the seventy-fifth percentile. The senator election results are as follows:

Freshman Representative – Brendan Brueggert

Sophomore Representative – Jessica Schweizer

Junior Class Representative – Sarah Barker

Senior Class Representative – Ari Tatum

Male Residence Hall Representative – Charles Pierce III

Freshman Male Residence Hall Representative – Alan Perez

Upperclassmen Male Residence Hall Representative – Zachary Moore

Upperclassmen Female Residence Hall Representative – Candice Bailey

Commuter Representative – Ashley Calicchia

Commuter Representative – Ash Thomson

Extended Campus Representative – Nicole Sawyer

Student Body at Large Representative – Kristen Bohannon

Student Body at Large Representative – Lauren Sullivan

Student Body at Large Representative – Robin Daniels

Student Body at Large Representative – Hunter Robinson

To all of the elected senators and students, Maria Flores, Student Body President, says, “I’m very excited to see what this group of senators will do this year. They are very strong leaders and I have high hopes that they will continue to strengthen SGA.”

The same polling locations will be used for the homecoming elections following the nomination period and four gift cards are rumored to be a possible prize for four particularly lucky individuals who vote for homecoming court. Homecoming elections will be held from September 30 until October 2. Students are encouraged to take part in Reinhardt’s first ever homecoming court!


Mollie Street, Staff Writer 

Homecoming at Reinhardt

With the brand new football team this year and autumn just around the corner, there is one thing that is sure to be in the back of everyone’s mind: Homecoming. Since this is the first year that Reinhardt will be having a homecoming, the student government and student activities council are making big plans to celebrate the occasion. Reinhardt’s homecoming will not only consist of a homecoming court and a game, but there will be a whole weekend of activities geared towards raising school spirit and getting ready for the game on Saturday. Starting on Thursday night and continuing through Saturday, there will be many options for students, or even friends and family of students, to get involved! So, everyone is sure to find something that will be right up their ally!

On Thursday, there will be a “Spirit Night” at the Waleska Farmers Market, beginning at 3 pm, a women’s volleyball home game at 6:30 pm, and Southern Fried Jazz at the Falany Performing Arts Center at 7:30 pm. On Friday, there will be a pep rally at the Donor Plaza at 2 pm and the Student Talent Show will be taking place at the performing arts center at 7:30 pm. On Saturday, football fans can start the day off right by tailgating in the Rollins Wellness Center Parking Lot at 9 am. Afterwards, fans can head down to the Athletic Fields for the football game.

After the game, students are encouraged to head over to the Rollins Sports Center Lawn for the Fall Festival, which will include music, carnival games, and inflatables to enjoy after the game. Finally, there will be a Homecoming Concert in the Glasshouse Saturday night at 9 pm that will be showcasing “The Shadowboxers,” a pop-rock band that recently toured with “Indigo Girls.” With all that is going on during the weekend, everyone is sure to find something that will appeal to them.

No homecoming weekend would be complete, of course, without a homecoming court. It’s the students’ job to choose who will be on that court. A member of the homecoming court must be a full-time undergraduate student here at Reinhardt with at least a 2.5 GPA. He or she must also be in good academic, financial, and disciplinary standings. Nominations go through this Friday, the 20th of September. After nominations close, elections will be held on September 30th and will be open until October 2nd. The elected court will be announced on October 3rd and the King and Queen will be announced during halftime of the Homecoming game on October 19th.


Ashlee Davenport, Staff Writer

Reinhardt vs. Lindsey Wilson



Eagles Narrowly Miss Win Over Blue Raiders

IMG_9409The Reinhardt Eagles went down 50-24 at the end of the 3rd quarter, before rallying in the final quarter of play for 21 unanswered points. LJ Stegall, after returning a kickoff in the Eagle’s début home game, rushed for 137 yards and two touchdowns on 10 carries, including one touchdown receiving this Saturday. 
Heat was immense and energy was at an all time high. The temperature wavered between 130-140 degrees atop the Eagles all turf field. Being the Eagles’ first ever home game, visitors from all over Waleska and Canton rushed to fill seats alongside the student body and faculty and staff of Reinhardt University. Blue and gold colors blanketed the stadium as Eagle pride dominated for miles. 
The game began with an Eagle’s kickoff to the Lindsey Wilson Blue Raiders, which resulted in a 63 yard airborne drive that was halted by the defensive efforts of the blue and gold. Lindsey Wilson, unable to convert on a 3rdand 5 at the Eagle’s 5, were forced to settle for a field goal.
The ensuing Eagle drive was a 3 and out, followed suit by a Lindsey Wilson 3 and out displaying the early strength of both team’s defenses.
The Eagles would, however, score with their second possession of the ball in a 13 play, 71 yard drive that showcased the throwing ability of Chamblee, who completed 5 out of 5 passes to help get the Eagles in the red zone, as well as extend their drive in a few long yardage situations. Niagel Curtis recorded the first touchdown of the day when he ran the ball in from Lindsey Wilson’s 5. 
The Blue Raiders’ next drive was nearly cut short, in a 3 and 6 situation after the first two plays of the series. However, quarterback Branden Cresap connected with Matt Powers for a 21 yard gain before being brought down by Eagle’s CB Christain Hill. The Blue Raiders followed this with a sweep for 11 yards and a 25 yard pass that resulted in a touchdown.
Eagles 7, Blue Raiders 10.
Lindsey Wilson continued aggressively with a successful onside kick one minute before the 1stquarter ended. A pitch and another deep ball secured another touchdown making it Eagles 7, Blue Raiders 17 when the 1st quarter concluded.
The second quarter began with Stegall nearly breaking for another touchdown before being brought down after a 27 yard return. The Eagles offense continued this momentum with a 7 play, 48 yard drive that was highlighted by a 36 yard pass from Jonathon Chamblee to Aaron “AK” Kennedy. Unable to convert on a 3 and 2 situation at the Lindsey 15, kicker Matthew Moon secured a field goal from 31 yards out. 
For the duration of the second quarter, the Eagles struggled to get their offense in sync while the Blue Raiders made use of their quarterback and receiving core. With 2:49 left in the second quarter and the Eagles down 31-10, the Reinhardt offense pieced together a 79 yard drive to breathe life into the team. Once again, Chamblee made several key plays when he connected to Sam Jones to convert a second and long, and Stegall for a 38 yard Eagle touchdown. RB Deonte Dennis and Sam Jones also made some impressive runs this drive, both showcasing their cutback ability on the sweep play.
This concluded the 1st half.
Eagles 17, Blue Raiders 31.
The second half began with another, 20+ yard kick return by LJ Stegall. The Eagles’ running backs went to work, going 49 yards in three plays before an untimely fumble 23 yards from the goal line. 
The Blue Raiders capitalized on this, scoring again on a 12 play, 77 yard drive. And after the Eagles fumbled on the ensuing kickoff, a Raiders defender scooped the loose ball for a touchdown making the score Eagles 17, Blue Raiders 44.
Discouraged fans were beginning to leave the stadium and the Blue Raiders were feeling comfortable until the end of the 3rd quarter neared and the Eagles’ offense and defense came together for a comeback. With 4:41 left in the 3rd quarter, LJ Stegall took a handoff for 64 yards down the Eagle’s sideline, making good use of his blockers on the run.
In the following drive, Lindsey Wilson would score their last points of the game.
The fourth quarter began with the Eagles down 26 points. With the ball in hand, the Eagles drove 68 yards to record another Reinhardt touchdown. This drive received help from the talents TE Bolden Davis, and RB TC Carter.
In the ensuing Raiders drive, Eagles CB Christian Hill forced and recovered a fumble on the first play of the series when he struck Raiders receiver, Akio Tonge.
The Eagles took this opportunity and went 78 yards to score another Eagle’s touchdown. Eagles 31, Blue Raiders 50. 
The Blue Raiders, still unable to respond the Eagles turnaround, were forced to punt the ball after four plays. The Eagles would go another 70 yards for a touchdown, with receiver Sam Jones hauling in a 27 yard pass from QB Ryan Thompson.
With 3:51 on the clock and the Eagles one drive away from victory, Lindsey Wilson did their best to keep the ball away from the ferocious Reinhardt offense. 
Able to convert on some 3rd down situations, the Lindsey Wilson Blue Raiders succeeded and escaped the game with a five point lead. Eagles 45, Blue Raiders 50.
The Reinhardt Eagles–the team that was just beaten by a mere three points against the Mercer Bears last week–was once again narrowly defeated by the Lindsey Wilson Blue Raiders.
Despite two consecutive losses, Eagle players and fans seem optimistic about the future of the team. A large turnout is expected at the next Eagles home game on September 28th against Bethel University.
The Eagles will play their next game on September 14th at 1:30pm against Kentucky Christian University at Kentucky Christian. More information can be found at 
Leon Sapp & Meagan Hurley 

Tailgating at Reinhardt – Concealed Container Policies


The addition of football to the university is an exciting turn in Reinhardt’s history. Students have a new team to cheer for, new ways to show off their spirit, and new expectations to meet. Sporting events, in general, create their own issues that school and city officials have to deal with in order to make sure that games are as safe as possible for those attending. Because of this policies regarding sporting events have been changed over the past few months to accommodate the advent of this new era of athletics at Reinhardt.

One of the most important, and most controversial, modifications to Reinhardt’s Game Day Policies has been the new “Concealed Container” Policy and the relative rules about tailgating at home football games. The Game Day Alcohol policy states that no food or drink from outside the stadium is allowed at the football games, and that any food item or beverage consumed in the stadium must be purchased at the concession stand. This is to prevent the consumption of alcohol within the stadium itself. The controversy around this policy is due to its contradiction of Reinhardt’s “Dry Campus” rule – particularly where the Alcohol policy states that “Discrete consumption by those of legal age on University property is permitted provided behavior is acceptable”. Such a policy directly conflicts with Reinhardt’s Student Code of Conduct, which strictly prohibits students from possessing or consuming alcohol on any school property or at any school sponsored events.

Tailgating at games will be allowed in the parking lot surrounding the Brown Athletic Center, but the policy states that “consumption… on university property” is allowed “discreetly” which is in direct violation of Reinhardt’s previous policies. Deciding what inappropriate behavior needs to be removed, especially due to alcohol, will be a complicated issue until the new policy is released affirming that alcohol either is or is not allowed on campus on game days.

A prominent member of the Campus Spirit program, Brad Cook, commented that he doesn’t think that the policy or the no alcohol rule will affect tailgaters. He does, however, believe it will create more issues for officials who are in charge of the tailgating section at games. Aware of the issue, Dr. Roger Lee, Vice President of Student Affairs, is working to revise the Game Day policy regarding alcohol consumption. Dr. Lee indicated that he would be rewriting this regulation by combining the school’s code and the Game Day rule into a new policy that will definitively clear up any confusion.

Students who are unaware of the current or changed policies about Game Days may go to and click “Game Day Policies” under the Athletic Links tab.


Mollie Street, Staff Writer

Don’t Forget to Laugh

          In only their second semester here at Reinhardt University, the improv group, “An Excuse to Laugh”, is already off to a hilarious start! Their first performance last Thursday had nearly everyone in the room laughing until they couldn’t breathe. With the always funny returning members, plus newbies Anna and Trenn, the gang started the year off right by playing games that not only encouraged laughter, but also had the audience joining in on all the fun. In almost every single game, the audience provided the scenario for the actors to partake in. They were not disappointed!

          Sophomore Michael Vavases, the official biggest fan of the group, stated, “An Excuse to Laugh is the perfect stress reliever for the week. It’s on Thursday nights, right before the weekend and the last day of a lot of classes. I have cried laughing at them.” The group has the ability to allow students to get their minds off school for even just a little bit, and it’s normally a huge help to everyone who watches. Statistically, “more than 30% of all college freshman report feeling overwhelmed” – that is a great deal of the time! Thirty-eight percent of college women report feeling “frequently overwhelmed”.  No matter how much stress you may get piled on you during the week, it never hurts to take a break and laugh your head off every once in a while! Laughter is a stress reliever for people of all ages!

           How do you become part of such an amazing and entertaining experience, you ask? Well, since two new members were added just last week, there will unfortunately be no more members added this semester. They do, however, try to hold auditions every semester – if you think you’ve got the stuff, be sure to audition in the Spring! You may have a chance at making it! Now you’re asking yourself what you would have to do to audition for the hilarious group, aren’t you? Well, during the audition process, you must perform a few games with the group to see what your strengths are. If they like you, you’re in! The group performs every Thursday night at 10 pm, so everyone should make an effort to make it out this week! It really is a great stress reliever! You will not be disappointed! 
Ashley Davenport, Staff Writer

How to be The Eagles’ #1 Fan!


Untitled_Page_90Excitement is all around with the kickstart of the college football season! Especially since this is Reinhardt’s first football season ever! GO EAGLES! Since football is a new addition on campus, many people aren’t too sure what to make of it. There is, however, a sad fact that has become obvious – Reinhardt University does not have many number one fans.

How can the Eagles dominate the field if there aren’t enough obnoxiously passionate fans to support them all the way to the end?  How can the Eagles massacre their opponents if there are no number one fans yelling, “ONWARD TO VICTORY!” or “GO EAGLES!!” as motivation?

Certainly, there are many seeking to become the Eagles’ #1 fan, but no one really knows how to reach that majestic status – Number 1 Fan…

The process is not as daunting as it seems.

There are 10 steps to become a #1 fan:

  1. The first thing is to have faith in your team. No matter how many times the Eagles lose, they are STILL winners to you!
  2. Attend every game that you can, even if it means you have to hide in the luggage as the team travels. You can’t support your team if you are not there! Plus, number one fans are a bit obsessed, that’s why they have their high fan status.
  3. Wear your team colors, preferably every day. However, if you don’t have enough blue and gold for daily wear, just make sure you have those colors on visible parts of your body on game day.
  4. Dye your hair blue and gold. No one said it would be easy to become a #1 fan! You get extra points for using permanent dye, but you can just get hair chalk for easy removal.
  5. BODY PAINT! (‘Nough said…)
  6. Make signs depicting your eagle pride, or bring one or two of those foam hands – you know the ones!
  7. Bring noisy objects: bells, megaphones for awesome yelling, drums, trumpets, big mouths, and anything else that could wake your favorite team if you sense that players are falling asleep on the field.
  8. Pay attention to the cheerleaders! They are there to refuel your team spirit! If you hear them yell, “BLUUUUUUUUUUE and GOOOOOOOOOLD!”, don’t let them make fools of themselves! Join in and make as much noise as possible! CHEER YOUR TEAM ONWARD TO VICOTY!
  9.  Bring a picture-taking device so that you can record every glorious moment of the game! The pictures that you can keep are the ultimate #1 fan reward, because they last forever!
  10. Finally, come early! Feel free to play a drum or some really loud music that glorifies your team! This will help you to get a good seat – so that you can be front and center of all the action! If possible, get a chair and place it right in the middle of the field, then you’ll be part of the action! It doesn’t get better than that!

Now that you’ve been equipped with the tools to become a #1 fan, go little Eagle, spread your wings and fly! Lead your team to victory!

Vanessa Irie, Sports Editor

Why Miley Cyrus Can’t And Shouldn’t Stop


As 2013 nears its end and video montages begin to assemble the most talked-about moments of the year, there is no doubt that   george Miley Cyrus will feature prominently in almost all footage. From the release of her bizarre video “We Can’t Stop” to her controversial VMA performance, Miley Cyrus has truly marked 2013 as her own. Still, many clamor for her to stop; but I see no reason why she should. In a society that continuously exploits sexuality and makes male sexuality in particular something fluid, (see: George Clooney’s transformation from a bright-eyed rugged type to a silver fox) whereas women only have a brief period in their 20s where they can be viewed as sex symbols, I hope that Miley Cyrus, or her creative team, continues to take charge of her image and shock the crowd.

Let it be clear that I actually dislike, borderline hate, Miley Cyrus’ music. “We britney-and-madonna-kissCan’t Stop” was decent, but her recent “Wrecking Ball” is an epic fail, in my opinion. Her music just does not aesthetically appeal to me, and neither do the over-sexualized images in her songs (…well, sometimes they do). In her recent video for “Wrecking Ball”, Miley Cyrus licks a hammer in a very suggestive manner, rides a wrecking ball in the nude, and then proceeds to cry throughout the video. The singer-actress seems to be going through a phase where she is desperately trying to shed her good girl/Hannah Montana/churning-butter-on-the-little-house-on-the-prairie image. Her actions are indeed desperate. They are a cry for attention. We get it Miley. We got the message that you weren’t the same Sarah, Plain And Tall little girl that we watched grow up. We got the message when you stated “I’m a hillbilly but I can twerk.” Still, the media seems to not be able to process the new Miley and continues to give her exactly what she wants – a reaction.

We are the society that cried out in horror when Britney, Madonna and Christina made out at the VMAs. We’re the same society that came out in large numbers when Channing Tatum started gyrating across our movie screens in Magic Mike last summer and miley-cyrus-vma-gif-5praised him for it. This is what it takes for a woman to be noticed in the media, as sad as that may sound. So, I applaud Miley for not allowing the media to sexualize her as she began to blossom. Homegirl has a plan! She’s taking control of her image and forging it for herself. Even if I sometimes find said image appalling and downright downgrading, I commend her for staying one step ahead of the media. Over time, the media will become desensitized to such an image, and female celebrities will have plateaued into a celebrity image much more fulfilling. I must conclude by saying this: sexuality is not an insult, but it can be manipulated. Let Miley do with hers as she will.

Teddy Casimir, Arts & Entertainment Editor

HvZ – Quarantine

Starting Sunday, September 8th, Humans vs. Zombies began with 71 players! This school year, the HvZ moderators decided to have a more accessible game in order for commuters and athletes to join in on the fun. The day missions became optional for the first time, and the players were required to come to only two night missions, each of which started at approximately eight or nine at night.

According to Justin Buddenhagen, the president of the club, HvZ had a great turnout of freshmen as well. “We had a great intake of good kids (freshmen) — Great sportsmanship and good people all around,” said Buddenhagen.  In order to attract a lot of these players, Josh Vavases, a moderator, dressed in a “hobo outfit” with a sign that had the dreadful words “THE END IS NEAR” written in red, and walked around in front of the Gordy Dining Hall advertising for the game. Vavases’ acting went along with the theme designed by the moderators – Quarantine.  This word sums up the elaborate storyline for this semester; Reinhardt had been infected with the zombie virus and blocked off from the world.

The other moderators also took on roles within the theme; Hannah Buckner was “Lady Z”—the “zombie mama” who had infected the humans in order to take control, and Em Harris was “Agent Fox” – the CIA agent trying to help the humans escape. When asked what was most exciting about this specific game, “Community” was the word Buddenhagen immediately said. “This has been the cleanest game for sportsmanship and positive attitude we’ve ever had,” he states.

Reinhardt can look forward to another game of HvZ later this fall!

Hannah Buckner, Staff Writer

The Reinhardt Community Welcomes Rev. Jordan Thrasher

jordan thrasher


On July 1st, 2013, Reverend Jordan Thrasher officially joined the Reinhardt community as the new Chaplain. After former jordan thrasherChaplain Leigh Martin left last semester, for family leave, Tim Emmet became interim Chaplain until July 1st when Thrasher received the position.

As Chaplain, Thrasher oversees all campus ministry activities and religious life. As a minister of the United Methodist Church, he also acts as the church liaison for the school. Thrasher describes that his role at Reinhardt is to “develop a faith ecology on the campus of Reinhardt”. Thrasher interacts with students through small groups and worship services, as well as leading classes. With such a small campus, he enjoys that he can connect with students on an individual level as well as promote a Christian community atmosphere.

Thrasher recognizes the wonderful work that Reverend Leigh Martin created through her years at Reinhardt, and does not want to change anything about campus ministries, but wants to add onto her work. One of his main goals is to resource each small religious group with their own preacher; making sure the Baptist group has a Baptist minister, the Methodists have a Methodist minister, and so on. Thrasher also wants to make each small group more student-run with student leaders as well as the resource minister for each group. One of Thrasher’s long-term goals is to make more service opportunities available to students.

Thrasher did not see himself as a leader for students, but others did. His own chaplain, back at Wofford College, recognized his potential and urged him to go to seminary at Emory University. Thrasher has not always been a school Chaplain, though. Before coming to Reinhardt, Thrasher was a preacher at Bold Springs Methodist Church near Carnesville, Ga. Before Bold Springs, he was an associate minister at Chamblee United Methodist in Decatur, GA. College chaplainry is very hard to break into, as not many positions are available. Thanks to the prodding of his mentors and connection to Reinhardt, Thrasher was able to join the Reinhardt community.

Candice Bailey, News Editor


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