Homecoming at Reinhardt

With the brand new football team this year and autumn just around the corner, there is one thing that is sure to be in the back of everyone’s mind: Homecoming. Since this is the first year that Reinhardt will be having a homecoming, the student government and student activities council are making big plans to celebrate the occasion. Reinhardt’s homecoming will not only consist of a homecoming court and a game, but there will be a whole weekend of activities geared towards raising school spirit and getting ready for the game on Saturday. Starting on Thursday night and continuing through Saturday, there will be many options for students, or even friends and family of students, to get involved! So, everyone is sure to find something that will be right up their ally!

On Thursday, there will be a “Spirit Night” at the Waleska Farmers Market, beginning at 3 pm, a women’s volleyball home game at 6:30 pm, and Southern Fried Jazz at the Falany Performing Arts Center at 7:30 pm. On Friday, there will be a pep rally at the Donor Plaza at 2 pm and the Student Talent Show will be taking place at the performing arts center at 7:30 pm. On Saturday, football fans can start the day off right by tailgating in the Rollins Wellness Center Parking Lot at 9 am. Afterwards, fans can head down to the Athletic Fields for the football game.

After the game, students are encouraged to head over to the Rollins Sports Center Lawn for the Fall Festival, which will include music, carnival games, and inflatables to enjoy after the game. Finally, there will be a Homecoming Concert in the Glasshouse Saturday night at 9 pm that will be showcasing “The Shadowboxers,” a pop-rock band that recently toured with “Indigo Girls.” With all that is going on during the weekend, everyone is sure to find something that will appeal to them.

No homecoming weekend would be complete, of course, without a homecoming court. It’s the students’ job to choose who will be on that court. A member of the homecoming court must be a full-time undergraduate student here at Reinhardt with at least a 2.5 GPA. He or she must also be in good academic, financial, and disciplinary standings. Nominations go through this Friday, the 20th of September. After nominations close, elections will be held on September 30th and will be open until October 2nd. The elected court will be announced on October 3rd and the King and Queen will be announced during halftime of the Homecoming game on October 19th.


Ashlee Davenport, Staff Writer

Reinhardt vs. Lindsey Wilson


Eagles Narrowly Miss Win Over Blue Raiders

IMG_9409The Reinhardt Eagles went down 50-24 at the end of the 3rd quarter, before rallying in the final quarter of play for 21 unanswered points. LJ Stegall, after returning a kickoff in the Eagle’s début home game, rushed for 137 yards and two touchdowns on 10 carries, including one touchdown receiving this Saturday. 
Heat was immense and energy was at an all time high. The temperature wavered between 130-140 degrees atop the Eagles all turf field. Being the Eagles’ first ever home game, visitors from all over Waleska and Canton rushed to fill seats alongside the student body and faculty and staff of Reinhardt University. Blue and gold colors blanketed the stadium as Eagle pride dominated for miles. 
The game began with an Eagle’s kickoff to the Lindsey Wilson Blue Raiders, which resulted in a 63 yard airborne drive that was halted by the defensive efforts of the blue and gold. Lindsey Wilson, unable to convert on a 3rdand 5 at the Eagle’s 5, were forced to settle for a field goal.
The ensuing Eagle drive was a 3 and out, followed suit by a Lindsey Wilson 3 and out displaying the early strength of both team’s defenses.
The Eagles would, however, score with their second possession of the ball in a 13 play, 71 yard drive that showcased the throwing ability of Chamblee, who completed 5 out of 5 passes to help get the Eagles in the red zone, as well as extend their drive in a few long yardage situations. Niagel Curtis recorded the first touchdown of the day when he ran the ball in from Lindsey Wilson’s 5. 
The Blue Raiders’ next drive was nearly cut short, in a 3 and 6 situation after the first two plays of the series. However, quarterback Branden Cresap connected with Matt Powers for a 21 yard gain before being brought down by Eagle’s CB Christain Hill. The Blue Raiders followed this with a sweep for 11 yards and a 25 yard pass that resulted in a touchdown.
Eagles 7, Blue Raiders 10.
Lindsey Wilson continued aggressively with a successful onside kick one minute before the 1stquarter ended. A pitch and another deep ball secured another touchdown making it Eagles 7, Blue Raiders 17 when the 1st quarter concluded.
The second quarter began with Stegall nearly breaking for another touchdown before being brought down after a 27 yard return. The Eagles offense continued this momentum with a 7 play, 48 yard drive that was highlighted by a 36 yard pass from Jonathon Chamblee to Aaron “AK” Kennedy. Unable to convert on a 3 and 2 situation at the Lindsey 15, kicker Matthew Moon secured a field goal from 31 yards out. 
For the duration of the second quarter, the Eagles struggled to get their offense in sync while the Blue Raiders made use of their quarterback and receiving core. With 2:49 left in the second quarter and the Eagles down 31-10, the Reinhardt offense pieced together a 79 yard drive to breathe life into the team. Once again, Chamblee made several key plays when he connected to Sam Jones to convert a second and long, and Stegall for a 38 yard Eagle touchdown. RB Deonte Dennis and Sam Jones also made some impressive runs this drive, both showcasing their cutback ability on the sweep play.
This concluded the 1st half.
Eagles 17, Blue Raiders 31.
The second half began with another, 20+ yard kick return by LJ Stegall. The Eagles’ running backs went to work, going 49 yards in three plays before an untimely fumble 23 yards from the goal line. 
The Blue Raiders capitalized on this, scoring again on a 12 play, 77 yard drive. And after the Eagles fumbled on the ensuing kickoff, a Raiders defender scooped the loose ball for a touchdown making the score Eagles 17, Blue Raiders 44.
Discouraged fans were beginning to leave the stadium and the Blue Raiders were feeling comfortable until the end of the 3rd quarter neared and the Eagles’ offense and defense came together for a comeback. With 4:41 left in the 3rd quarter, LJ Stegall took a handoff for 64 yards down the Eagle’s sideline, making good use of his blockers on the run.
In the following drive, Lindsey Wilson would score their last points of the game.
The fourth quarter began with the Eagles down 26 points. With the ball in hand, the Eagles drove 68 yards to record another Reinhardt touchdown. This drive received help from the talents TE Bolden Davis, and RB TC Carter.
In the ensuing Raiders drive, Eagles CB Christian Hill forced and recovered a fumble on the first play of the series when he struck Raiders receiver, Akio Tonge.
The Eagles took this opportunity and went 78 yards to score another Eagle’s touchdown. Eagles 31, Blue Raiders 50. 
The Blue Raiders, still unable to respond the Eagles turnaround, were forced to punt the ball after four plays. The Eagles would go another 70 yards for a touchdown, with receiver Sam Jones hauling in a 27 yard pass from QB Ryan Thompson.
With 3:51 on the clock and the Eagles one drive away from victory, Lindsey Wilson did their best to keep the ball away from the ferocious Reinhardt offense. 
Able to convert on some 3rd down situations, the Lindsey Wilson Blue Raiders succeeded and escaped the game with a five point lead. Eagles 45, Blue Raiders 50.
The Reinhardt Eagles–the team that was just beaten by a mere three points against the Mercer Bears last week–was once again narrowly defeated by the Lindsey Wilson Blue Raiders.
Despite two consecutive losses, Eagle players and fans seem optimistic about the future of the team. A large turnout is expected at the next Eagles home game on September 28th against Bethel University.
The Eagles will play their next game on September 14th at 1:30pm against Kentucky Christian University at Kentucky Christian. More information can be found at reinhardteagles.com. 
Leon Sapp & Meagan Hurley 

Tailgating at Reinhardt – Concealed Container Policies

The addition of football to the university is an exciting turn in Reinhardt’s history. Students have a new team to cheer for, new ways to show off their spirit, and new expectations to meet. Sporting events, in general, create their own issues that school and city officials have to deal with in order to make sure that games are as safe as possible for those attending. Because of this policies regarding sporting events have been changed over the past few months to accommodate the advent of this new era of athletics at Reinhardt.

One of the most important, and most controversial, modifications to Reinhardt’s Game Day Policies has been the new “Concealed Container” Policy and the relative rules about tailgating at home football games. The Game Day Alcohol policy states that no food or drink from outside the stadium is allowed at the football games, and that any food item or beverage consumed in the stadium must be purchased at the concession stand. This is to prevent the consumption of alcohol within the stadium itself. The controversy around this policy is due to its contradiction of Reinhardt’s “Dry Campus” rule – particularly where the Alcohol policy states that “Discrete consumption by those of legal age on University property is permitted provided behavior is acceptable”. Such a policy directly conflicts with Reinhardt’s Student Code of Conduct, which strictly prohibits students from possessing or consuming alcohol on any school property or at any school sponsored events.

Tailgating at games will be allowed in the parking lot surrounding the Brown Athletic Center, but the policy states that “consumption… on university property” is allowed “discreetly” which is in direct violation of Reinhardt’s previous policies. Deciding what inappropriate behavior needs to be removed, especially due to alcohol, will be a complicated issue until the new policy is released affirming that alcohol either is or is not allowed on campus on game days.

A prominent member of the Campus Spirit program, Brad Cook, commented that he doesn’t think that the policy or the no alcohol rule will affect tailgaters. He does, however, believe it will create more issues for officials who are in charge of the tailgating section at games. Aware of the issue, Dr. Roger Lee, Vice President of Student Affairs, is working to revise the Game Day policy regarding alcohol consumption. Dr. Lee indicated that he would be rewriting this regulation by combining the school’s code and the Game Day rule into a new policy that will definitively clear up any confusion.

Students who are unaware of the current or changed policies about Game Days may go to reinhardteagles.com and click “Game Day Policies” under the Athletic Links tab.


Mollie Street, Staff Writer

Don’t Forget to Laugh

          In only their second semester here at Reinhardt University, the improv group, “An Excuse to Laugh”, is already off to a hilarious start! Their first performance last Thursday had nearly everyone in the room laughing until they couldn’t breathe. With the always funny returning members, plus newbies Anna and Trenn, the gang started the year off right by playing games that not only encouraged laughter, but also had the audience joining in on all the fun. In almost every single game, the audience provided the scenario for the actors to partake in. They were not disappointed!

          Sophomore Michael Vavases, the official biggest fan of the group, stated, “An Excuse to Laugh is the perfect stress reliever for the week. It’s on Thursday nights, right before the weekend and the last day of a lot of classes. I have cried laughing at them.” The group has the ability to allow students to get their minds off school for even just a little bit, and it’s normally a huge help to everyone who watches. Statistically, “more than 30% of all college freshman report feeling overwhelmed” – that is a great deal of the time! Thirty-eight percent of college women report feeling “frequently overwhelmed”.  No matter how much stress you may get piled on you during the week, it never hurts to take a break and laugh your head off every once in a while! Laughter is a stress reliever for people of all ages!

           How do you become part of such an amazing and entertaining experience, you ask? Well, since two new members were added just last week, there will unfortunately be no more members added this semester. They do, however, try to hold auditions every semester – if you think you’ve got the stuff, be sure to audition in the Spring! You may have a chance at making it! Now you’re asking yourself what you would have to do to audition for the hilarious group, aren’t you? Well, during the audition process, you must perform a few games with the group to see what your strengths are. If they like you, you’re in! The group performs every Thursday night at 10 pm, so everyone should make an effort to make it out this week! It really is a great stress reliever! You will not be disappointed! 
Ashley Davenport, Staff Writer

How to be The Eagles’ #1 Fan!

Untitled_Page_90Excitement is all around with the kickstart of the college football season! Especially since this is Reinhardt’s first football season ever! GO EAGLES! Since football is a new addition on campus, many people aren’t too sure what to make of it. There is, however, a sad fact that has become obvious – Reinhardt University does not have many number one fans.

How can the Eagles dominate the field if there aren’t enough obnoxiously passionate fans to support them all the way to the end?  How can the Eagles massacre their opponents if there are no number one fans yelling, “ONWARD TO VICTORY!” or “GO EAGLES!!” as motivation?

Certainly, there are many seeking to become the Eagles’ #1 fan, but no one really knows how to reach that majestic status – Number 1 Fan…

The process is not as daunting as it seems.

There are 10 steps to become a #1 fan:

  1. The first thing is to have faith in your team. No matter how many times the Eagles lose, they are STILL winners to you!
  2. Attend every game that you can, even if it means you have to hide in the luggage as the team travels. You can’t support your team if you are not there! Plus, number one fans are a bit obsessed, that’s why they have their high fan status.
  3. Wear your team colors, preferably every day. However, if you don’t have enough blue and gold for daily wear, just make sure you have those colors on visible parts of your body on game day.
  4. Dye your hair blue and gold. No one said it would be easy to become a #1 fan! You get extra points for using permanent dye, but you can just get hair chalk for easy removal.
  5. BODY PAINT! (‘Nough said…)
  6. Make signs depicting your eagle pride, or bring one or two of those foam hands – you know the ones!
  7. Bring noisy objects: bells, megaphones for awesome yelling, drums, trumpets, big mouths, and anything else that could wake your favorite team if you sense that players are falling asleep on the field.
  8. Pay attention to the cheerleaders! They are there to refuel your team spirit! If you hear them yell, “BLUUUUUUUUUUE and GOOOOOOOOOLD!”, don’t let them make fools of themselves! Join in and make as much noise as possible! CHEER YOUR TEAM ONWARD TO VICOTY!
  9.  Bring a picture-taking device so that you can record every glorious moment of the game! The pictures that you can keep are the ultimate #1 fan reward, because they last forever!
  10. Finally, come early! Feel free to play a drum or some really loud music that glorifies your team! This will help you to get a good seat – so that you can be front and center of all the action! If possible, get a chair and place it right in the middle of the field, then you’ll be part of the action! It doesn’t get better than that!

Now that you’ve been equipped with the tools to become a #1 fan, go little Eagle, spread your wings and fly! Lead your team to victory!

Vanessa Irie, Sports Editor

Why Miley Cyrus Can’t And Shouldn’t Stop

As 2013 nears its end and video montages begin to assemble the most talked-about moments of the year, there is no doubt that   george Miley Cyrus will feature prominently in almost all footage. From the release of her bizarre video “We Can’t Stop” to her controversial VMA performance, Miley Cyrus has truly marked 2013 as her own. Still, many clamor for her to stop; but I see no reason why she should. In a society that continuously exploits sexuality and makes male sexuality in particular something fluid, (see: George Clooney’s transformation from a bright-eyed rugged type to a silver fox) whereas women only have a brief period in their 20s where they can be viewed as sex symbols, I hope that Miley Cyrus, or her creative team, continues to take charge of her image and shock the crowd.

Let it be clear that I actually dislike, borderline hate, Miley Cyrus’ music. “We britney-and-madonna-kissCan’t Stop” was decent, but her recent “Wrecking Ball” is an epic fail, in my opinion. Her music just does not aesthetically appeal to me, and neither do the over-sexualized images in her songs (…well, sometimes they do). In her recent video for “Wrecking Ball”, Miley Cyrus licks a hammer in a very suggestive manner, rides a wrecking ball in the nude, and then proceeds to cry throughout the video. The singer-actress seems to be going through a phase where she is desperately trying to shed her good girl/Hannah Montana/churning-butter-on-the-little-house-on-the-prairie image. Her actions are indeed desperate. They are a cry for attention. We get it Miley. We got the message that you weren’t the same Sarah, Plain And Tall little girl that we watched grow up. We got the message when you stated “I’m a hillbilly but I can twerk.” Still, the media seems to not be able to process the new Miley and continues to give her exactly what she wants – a reaction.

We are the society that cried out in horror when Britney, Madonna and Christina made out at the VMAs. We’re the same society that came out in large numbers when Channing Tatum started gyrating across our movie screens in Magic Mike last summer and miley-cyrus-vma-gif-5praised him for it. This is what it takes for a woman to be noticed in the media, as sad as that may sound. So, I applaud Miley for not allowing the media to sexualize her as she began to blossom. Homegirl has a plan! She’s taking control of her image and forging it for herself. Even if I sometimes find said image appalling and downright downgrading, I commend her for staying one step ahead of the media. Over time, the media will become desensitized to such an image, and female celebrities will have plateaued into a celebrity image much more fulfilling. I must conclude by saying this: sexuality is not an insult, but it can be manipulated. Let Miley do with hers as she will.

Teddy Casimir, Arts & Entertainment Editor

HvZ – Quarantine

Starting Sunday, September 8th, Humans vs. Zombies began with 71 players! This school year, the HvZ moderators decided to have a more accessible game in order for commuters and athletes to join in on the fun. The day missions became optional for the first time, and the players were required to come to only two night missions, each of which started at approximately eight or nine at night.

According to Justin Buddenhagen, the president of the club, HvZ had a great turnout of freshmen as well. “We had a great intake of good kids (freshmen) — Great sportsmanship and good people all around,” said Buddenhagen.  In order to attract a lot of these players, Josh Vavases, a moderator, dressed in a “hobo outfit” with a sign that had the dreadful words “THE END IS NEAR” written in red, and walked around in front of the Gordy Dining Hall advertising for the game. Vavases’ acting went along with the theme designed by the moderators – Quarantine.  This word sums up the elaborate storyline for this semester; Reinhardt had been infected with the zombie virus and blocked off from the world.

The other moderators also took on roles within the theme; Hannah Buckner was “Lady Z”—the “zombie mama” who had infected the humans in order to take control, and Em Harris was “Agent Fox” – the CIA agent trying to help the humans escape. When asked what was most exciting about this specific game, “Community” was the word Buddenhagen immediately said. “This has been the cleanest game for sportsmanship and positive attitude we’ve ever had,” he states.

Reinhardt can look forward to another game of HvZ later this fall!

Hannah Buckner, Staff Writer

The Reinhardt Community Welcomes Rev. Jordan Thrasher


On July 1st, 2013, Reverend Jordan Thrasher officially joined the Reinhardt community as the new Chaplain. After former jordan thrasherChaplain Leigh Martin left last semester, for family leave, Tim Emmet became interim Chaplain until July 1st when Thrasher received the position.

As Chaplain, Thrasher oversees all campus ministry activities and religious life. As a minister of the United Methodist Church, he also acts as the church liaison for the school. Thrasher describes that his role at Reinhardt is to “develop a faith ecology on the campus of Reinhardt”. Thrasher interacts with students through small groups and worship services, as well as leading classes. With such a small campus, he enjoys that he can connect with students on an individual level as well as promote a Christian community atmosphere.

Thrasher recognizes the wonderful work that Reverend Leigh Martin created through her years at Reinhardt, and does not want to change anything about campus ministries, but wants to add onto her work. One of his main goals is to resource each small religious group with their own preacher; making sure the Baptist group has a Baptist minister, the Methodists have a Methodist minister, and so on. Thrasher also wants to make each small group more student-run with student leaders as well as the resource minister for each group. One of Thrasher’s long-term goals is to make more service opportunities available to students.

Thrasher did not see himself as a leader for students, but others did. His own chaplain, back at Wofford College, recognized his potential and urged him to go to seminary at Emory University. Thrasher has not always been a school Chaplain, though. Before coming to Reinhardt, Thrasher was a preacher at Bold Springs Methodist Church near Carnesville, Ga. Before Bold Springs, he was an associate minister at Chamblee United Methodist in Decatur, GA. College chaplainry is very hard to break into, as not many positions are available. Thanks to the prodding of his mentors and connection to Reinhardt, Thrasher was able to join the Reinhardt community.

Candice Bailey, News Editor

Don’t Forget to Laugh

In only their second semester here at Reinhardt University, the improv group, “An Excuse to Laugh”, is already off to a hilarious start! Their first performance, last Thursday, had nearly everyone in the room laughing until they couldn’t breathe. With the always funny returning members, plus newbies Anna and Trenn, the gang started the year off right – playing games that not only encouraged laughter, but also had the audience joining in on all the fun. In almost every single game, the audience provided the scenario for the actors to partake in. They were not let down once.
    Sophomore Michael Vavases, official biggest fan of the group, stated, “An Excuse to Laugh is the perfect stress reliever for the week. It’s on Thursday nights, right before the weekend and the last day of a lot of classes. I have cried laughing at them.” The group has the ability to allow students to get their minds off school for even just a little bit, and it’s normally a huge help to everyone who watches. Statistically, “more than 30% of all college freshman report feeling overwhelmed – a great deal of the time. Thirty-eight percent of college women report feeling frequently overwhelmed”. (“Stress and the College Student”, pg 2). However, no matter how much stress that may get piled on you during the week, students can always take a break and laugh their heads off every once in a while! Especially with the fact that laughter is a very well known stress reliever for people of all ages.
 How do you become part of such an amazing and entertaining experience, you ask? Well, since two new members were recently added last week, there will unfortunately be no more members added this semester. They do, however, try to hold auditions every semester, so if you think you’ve got the stuff, try again in the Spring and you may have a chance of making it! Now, you’re asking yourself what you would even have to do to audition for the hilarious group, aren’t you? Well, during the audition process, all it takes is for you to perform a few of the games with the group to see what your strengths are. If they like you, you’re in! The group performs every Thursday night at 10 pm, so everyone should make an effort to make it out next week. It really is a great stress reliever, and you will not be disappointed! 
Ashley Davenport

Breaking Bad News: The Censorship Ends Here

Photo courtesy of Google Images and imperium.com.

Photo courtesy of Google Images and imperium.com.

A decision has been made. It may not be popular, and definitely won’t be wanted by some but, as journalists, it is our duty to write the truth.  It is our responsibility to provide the community of Reinhardt with the information that it needs to function with integrity, knowledge, and awareness.

Today we decide as reporters for our peers and superiors, to no longer deprive you of knowledge that is rightfully yours. We will allow ourselves to be censored no longer.  You deserve to know that we have been held back–forcefully restrained and denied the opportunity to share with you the unsavory details –crime, corruption, and conspiracy – -of our community, Reinhardt University.

It stops now.

No matter what hand tries to stifle us –– we will present you with the truth, quickly and honestly. We won’t be silenced. The censorship ends here.

“…public enlightenment is the forerunner of justice and the foundation of democracy. The duty of the journalist is to further those ends by seeking truth and providing a fair and comprehensive account of events and issues. Conscientious journalists from all media and specialties strive to serve the public with thoroughness and honesty. Professional integrity is the cornerstone of a journalist’s credibility.” – Society of Professional Journalists, Code of Ethics 

Mizaru, Mikazaru, & Mazaru  

The Forgetful Freshman

By Elizabeth Harrisen

By Elizabeth Harrisen

SGA Prepares for Exciting New School Year

Each year at Reinhardt, the first two weeks back to school are all about settling into the college routine. Freshman wander around with lost looks on their faces, students stuff themselves full of hot pizza from the dining hall, and everyone pays close attention to the Student Government Association Senate elections.  The Student Government Association deals with legislation in regards to student activities run by students.

Maria Flores, a senior and Student Body President, has been a part of the Student Government since 2011. Her aspirations for the school year include an increase in student involvement and activities. Realizing this goal has led to new legislation which increased the size of the Student Government.

Recent additions to SGA include the adding of a Parliamentarian to the executive board. The Parliamentarian is meant to be an expert in the codes of conduct for the school and to be an advisor to the judiciary council. Three new legislations are being introduced this year. One amendment to the SGA constitution will expand the judiciary council to include more students. Another adds the position of an appointed Parliamentarian, and a third increases the number of student senators from 27 to 41. All of these changes are being made to give a better coverage of the types of students, from freshman residents to upperclassman commuters.

Maria Flores, Student Body President, and Alexander Bryant, Vice President for Administration, are hoping for a clean and honest senate race. They accepted candidates based on school spirit and want members of SGA to encourage campus involvement and working together as a student body. Due to several issues on the school’s website which inhibited the 2013-2014 senate candidates from being announced as scheduled on Friday August 31, SGA released the names of the Senate Campaign candidates on Sunday September 2 to all of the students via the school email.

Students can vote online with an access code that will be sent out to their school emails, or they can vote at one of several voting stations on campus.


The candidates are as follows:

Freshman Representative – Brendan Brueggert

Sophomore Representative – Jessica Schweizer

Junior Class Representative – Sarah Barker

Senior Class Representative – Ari Tatum

Male Residence Hall Representative – Charles Pierce III

Freshman Male Residence Hall Representative – Alan Perez

Upperclassmen Male Residence Hall Representative – Zachary Moore

Upperclassmen Female Residence Hall Representative – Candice Bailey

Commuter Representative – Ashley Calicchia

Commuter Representative – Ash Thomson

Extended Campus Representative – Nicole Sawyer

Student Body at Large Representative – Kristen Bohannon

Student Body at Large Representative – Lauren Sullivan

Student Body at Large Representative – Robin Daniels

Student Body at Large Representative – Hunter Robinson


Mollie Street, Staff Writer

Get Your Eagle on With SAC

The Student Activities Council, known around the Reinhardt campus as SAC, is an organization that hosts “educational and enlightening” events throughout the school year. The main objective of the Student Activities Council is to bring together the student body as a whole to have fun and “get your eagle on.”

With the premier of football at Reinhardt, SAC has their hands full of planning events nearly every weekend. Homecoming weekend is planned to last for several days and will be filled, morning to night, with events. Spring Day and a Fun Run are just two events scheduled to get students involved in homecoming week. Another event, focusing on social issues and awareness is the “Take Back the Night” walk, which will inform students about domestic violence and date rape. Miss Reinhardt, which takes place in the spring, and the Halloween Monster Mash dance are events meant to “engage students” and get as many people involved as possible.

With so many exciting events planned, SAC has also put more emphasis on social media strategies to ensure that students know what is going on. Students can get involved instantly with an on-campus texting service that sends a weekly poll or survey, along with news about various upcoming events. Students may sign up for the on-campus text service by texting RUSAC to 71441. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are the three dominating forces of social media. Reinhardt SAC has an account on each, where students are encouraged to share photos and stories from SAC events. The Twitter page even has its own hashtag, #getyoureagleon, in promotion of school spirit and in honor of the new football season.

Letia Wyatt, Coordinator of Student Activities, encourages every student to come out and attend as many activities as they can. Students are always welcome to see Ms. Wyatt or Shelby Noblitt (Vice President) with suggestions for activities or questions about events. Any student who is interested in being on the Student Activities Council may submit an application and interview with Ms. Wyatt. Ms. Wyatt’s office is located on the third floor of Hasty.

Because of all the modifications to inform students and fill up the calendar with events, the duties of Council members are changing as well. In order to more easily fill the calendar with SAC events, the duties of SAC council members are changing. Specifically, council members will have the opportunity to be the chair over a specific event, allowing each activity to be tailored by one or two individuals instead of the responsibilities being placed on the entire Council. This also allows Council members to simultaneously plan events even as other events are hosted weekly on campus.


Mollie Street, Staff Writer

Whether you’re a resident or commuter, sports fan or movie enthusiast, the Student Activities Council is sure to have an event worth attending this year. Flyers and social media will stay up to date on all the upcoming activities, so keep an eye out!



DREAMS Honors Martin Luther King, Jr.

On August 28th, 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. gave what has been called one of the most famous speeches in American history; his “I Have a Dream” speech. Fifty years later, on August 28th, 2013, DREAMS honored King’s memory by playing his famous speech inside the Bannister Glass House.

Students gathered in the Glass House to listen to the words that moved a nation and that continue to move us all today. Originally given to 250,000 civil rights supporters from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial during the March on Washington, King’s speech has reached thousands of people since its original delivery. The original speech was drafted multiple times by King and his comrades, but the most influential and famous lines that began with “I have a dream” were not actually scripted.

Towards the end of King’s prepared speech, gospel singer Mahalia Jackson shouted at King to, “Tell them about the dream, Martin”. At this point, King stopped delivering his prepared speech and began to passionately preach about his dreams for the country. Now, King’s dream will be told throughout history, thanks to groups like DREAMS.

DREAMS (Developing Rational Empowered African Americans Motivating Society) has many more events planned for this year. They will be holding twice-monthly “College Etiquette” talks on how to survive college. While geared more towards freshmen, anyone is welcome to attend. The events will feature guest speakers and student panels. The first event will be September 9th from 5-6pm in the Gordy Center. During Black History Month in February, DREAMS will host many more events.

DREAMS will also hold an anger management seminar at which students can learn about coping with anger and stress in a positive manner. The seminar will be held on September 12th, from 8-10pm in the Glasshouse.

Along with helping students here at Reinhardt, DREAMS also wants to reach out into the community. DREAMS plans to start a mentorship program with sophomores and juniors at Cherokee High School.

Any student of any race or ethnicity is welcome to join DREAMS. Students can contact the DREAMS faculty advisor, Letia Wyatt, for more information.


Candice Bailey, News Editor

Eagles Barely Miss Victory at First Football Game

DSC_2627The Eagles’ preparation for their first game against the Mercer Bears began in May of 2012, when head coach Danny Cronic was assigned to the Reinhardt football program with no more than a blank roster and a couple of phone numbers. The road to their first season was marked by the hiring of a coaching staff, 120 players and the building of an athletic facility.

The Eagles played their first ever football game in 130 years at Anderson Field at Mercer University after a year of grinding through the day to day life of a student athlete, without any games to look forward to. And for all their hard work and commitment, the first play of Reinhardt football history was an interception by Juice Arnold, in deep coverage, when Mercer dared to test the prowess of the Reinhardt secondary.

With only a handful of fans, and the players and coaches on the field to celebrate, those in blue and gold erupted in cheer while the rest of Tony and Nancy Moye stadium fell silent in disbelief. The game that both teams had spent years working towards had finally began.

With the ball at the third yard line, the Eagles looked to their RB LJ Stegall to get some room. He came up big with a twenty-two yard gain. After a few more plays and an unsuccessfully converted third and two, Reinhardt punted and covered it well with Ladrell Cammon tackling the ball carrier for a gain of one.

The Reinhardt defense held steady with Defensive End (DE) Tevin Mccoy, making a play two yards in the backfield. Reinhardt secondary gave nothing to Mercer’s QB who was forced to two incomplete passes, including a pass break up by Adrian Hayes. Mercer then punted the ball. Three plays later, the Eagles would be doing the same, but this time not without capitalizing on Mercer’s mistake.

The punt returner, forced aback by the coverage of Reinhardt’s defense, fumbled the ball while Eagle player, Vashaun Washington recovered it at Mercer’s thirteen. The Eagles capitalized when Jonathan Chamblee completed a three yard pass to LJ Stegall for Reinhardt University’s first touchdown. After a botched extra point attempt, the Eagle’s defense readied themselves for another drive after kickoff.

Starting the Bears drive was a fifteen yard personal foul, one of many penalties that would haunt the Eagles throughout the game. This moved the Bears from the twenty-eight to the forty-three. After a sweep play and successful QB scramble, the Mercer QB connected with his receiver for a thirty-seven yard touchdown.

The Eagles responded quickly when LJ Stegall returned a kickoff that showcased the speed that earned him honorifics as the fastest player on the team.  The blue and gold fans combusted into cheer again for another amazing play by the Eagles.

This would begin the back and forth shootout that highlighted the entire game.

The Eagles defense forced the Bears to grudgingly work in a thirteen play drive that ended in a touchdown. However, this was not without the aid of personal foul during a third and two situation, which extended the Bear’s drive.

Upon kickoff, LJ Stegall nearly returned another before being tripped up by an unseen defender, advancing the ball to the Reinhardt forty-two. The Eagles showcased RB TC Carter as well as the throwing ability of Chamblee in their fourth drive of the game, advancing the ball to the Bear’s twenty-five. There they unsuccessfully attempted a forty-two yard field goal.

The Eagles defense took the field again. After another twelve play drive, the Bears scored and the Reinhardt offense answered with a field goal of their own, when kicker Matthew Moon made good from twenty-eight yards out.

With only two minutes and fifty seconds left on the clock, the Eagles defense made sure to end the half on a positive note, when Linebacker Chas Pierce, sacked Mercer’s QB on a backside blitz that resulted in a fumble.

The second half opened with consecutive stops by both team defenses, before the Bears returned a fumbled at nine minutes and fifty-five seconds for a touchdown, making the score 16-28 Mercer.

Needing to generate some momentum, the Eagles turned to their 6’4 wide receiver, Tyler Bradley, for the second play of their drive. He came up big, when QB Chamblee connected for a twenty yard gain, but not before Bradley broke a tackle and drug a few defenders. The Eagles then proceeded to drive their way through the Mercer defense until they reached the one yard line of the Bears. Unable to convert on fourth and goal, possession returned to the Bears.

The Eagles defense held the Bears within thirteen yards of their goal line before forcing them to punt to Travis Nunley. Then on the second play of the drive, QB Ryan Thompson passed to Niagel Curtis for a forty-four yard touchdown. The score was now 22-28.

The Eagle’s defense got the Bears again, and with only fifty seconds on the clock in the third quarter. RB Sam Jones accelerated for a seventy-eight yard touchdown, past the middle of the Bear’s defense. The score was 29-28 Eagles.

With the fourth quarter approaching, both teams aligned themselves for a game where momentum would become impossible to grasp. The Bears concluded their fourth quarter drive with a touchdown. The Eagles were forced to punt again and recovered another fumble when Mercer’s returner fumbled the ball at their own eleven; Adrian Hayes on the play.

LJ Stegall ran for his third touchdown after TC Carter set him up with an eight yard gain in the previous play. Eagles 35-34. Seeking to force Mercer into a field goal situation, the Eagles tried for a two-point conversion and succeeded when Thompson connected with Aaron Kenneday in the end zone. The score: Eagles 37-34.

In what was the longest drive of the game, the Bears worked their way down the field–forced to make several difficult plays on the run or in the secondary. This left some of their players injured and their running back reeling from some tough hits from Eagles safety Ladrell Cammon. They were, however, forced to settle for a field goal, which they converted from twenty-eight yards out, evening the score.

With only three minutes left in the game, the Eagles attempted to get in field goal range for the victory. Travis Nunley almost put the Bears out of commission when he raced passed Mercer’s defenders before finally being tripped up by the kicker. This put the ball at the Reinhardt thirty-nine. The Eagle’s offense advanced twenty yards before calling a timeout at thirty seconds to decide how to handle their fourth and six situation, as it seemed that the coaches couldn’t agree on a course of action.

Too far for a field goal and too close for a punt to do anything, the Reinhardt offense went for it. The play that would decide the game was a Sixty-six Punch, with a twin set and a corner route–Thompson dropped back and scanned the field for his receivers. However, with the pocket collapsing, he spun to avoid a defender and was forced to take off, if he had any hope to keep the play positive. Unable to escape the trenches of the field, he was grounded at the line of scrimmage.

The rest is history.

Final score: Eagles 37, Bears 40.

Be sure to check out the Reinhardt Eagles when they play Lindsey Wilson at home on September 7th.

Leon Sapp

& Meagan Hurley

Marching Band Takes Flight

As every student knows, it is the inaugural season for football at Reinhardt University. Reinhardt has made many other additions, as well. One of the most exciting of those additions is the Reinhardt Marching Eagles Band. Under the instruction of Mr. Rob Opitz, with assistance from Mr. Harrison, the marching band is starting off with a bang. The Marching Band will be playing their show, entitled “Taking Flight,” every home game during half time, as well as a short number for the pregame show. The marching band will also be performing “Taking Flight” at the Cherokee County Marching Band Exhibition. Their show will include passages from “Fly Like an Eagle” by the Steve Miller Band, “Gonna Fly Now” from the motion picture Rocky, “Come Fly With Me” by Frank Sinatra, and “Defying Gravity” from the Broadway show, Wicked. The Reinhardt Marching Eagles Band will also debut Reinhardt’s brand new fight song, written by Charles Sayre.

When asked for his thoughts on how the marching band was doing so far, junior Christopher Lennox responded, “The marching band is doing great in its starting year, and I’m really happy with the traditions that are being started.” These traditions that he speaks of, comparable to those of all Reinhardt music ensembles, are based purely on reaching excellence. Reaching excellence was one of Mr. Opitz’s many goals from the very beginning of the season. Of course, supporting the football team and cheerleaders and helping to create an exciting environment at football games is a top priority for the Marching Eagles, as well. With nearly one hundred members, building excitement will hopefully not be too difficult. So, come out this Saturday and see the very first appearance of your very own, Marching Eagles!


Ashley Davenport, Staff Writer 



What Does Your Hair Say About You?

Photo courtesy of Google Images.

Photo courtesy of Google Images.

Does your hair make who you are? In today’s society, hair plays a key part in how others pass judgment upon you. A lot of individuals that aren’t creative with their hair are creative in another aspect. Major influences usually come from celebrities and popular fashion cities across the globe. Celebs are infamous for the exotic hairstyles at major shows and events – from Katy Perry’s 24 hairdos to Nicki  Minaj’s pink, green, blue, and blonde hair colors.

Have you taken a glimpse around campus lately? What length and colors do you see? When entering college most girls, and some guys, feel the need to change their appearance in order to be more comfortable transitioning to the new stage in their lives. Lately aqua blue of any length is all the rage at Reinhardt! Why, you ask?

Most people change their hair color because they want to “stand out”. Some people don’t want to follow the crowd, and hair is a way to express individuality. Have you ever heard the phrase “be a leader, not a follower?” Well, when it comes to the radical styles of hair today, it isn’t just to turn heads – it’s to make a LOUD fashion statement! This is a commitment and tie to showing-off who you really are! Those who make this statement are stereotypically viewed as outgoing rebels. Not everyone can stick out, as you already know.

Some individuals are content with the more natural looks, which still follows a stereotype. Take for example; Blondes are sexy, redheads are hot-headed and brunettes are good girls.  Even with a natural look any individual can explore other drastic cosmetic changes to their appearance. As of right now COLOR says it all and if your hair is “vogue,” your make-up or outfit better be spectacular!


Crista Washington, A&E Editor

Incident Occurs at Hubbard Hall on First Week of Classes

photo-8(AUGUST 29, 2013)–Three days after Reinhardt University opened for the fall semester, on August 22d, police were called to investigate an “unknown trouble” call at 11:08 pm at Hubbard Hall on the main campus in Waleska. Upon arrival, the responding officer met with the caller, a Resident Assistant, and was shown an injured male student sitting on the stairwell at the right side of Hubbard Hall.

The student was bleeding from his head and face, and had swelling around his eyes and lips. The student was unable to speak. However, upon inquiring as to the current state of the student, the officer proceeded to ask if he had fallen or if he had been pushed. The student then extended his arms outward, indicating that he had been pushed. The officer asked again if he had been pushed, and the student nodded his head, “yes.”

The responding officer claimed to have smelled alcohol coming from the area around the student and proceeded to ask the student if he had been drinking. Once again, the student nodded his head, “yes.” The Fire Department/EMS then arrived on scene to treat the injured student.

After speaking to several bystanders, the officer concluded that the student had fallen down a flight of stairs at Hubbard Hall and that no crime had taken place. He then turned matters over to Reinhardt Public Safety.

Meagan Hurley & Kelcey Caulder

Mark Roberts Makes New Addition to the Reinhardt Family

photo-7By Meagan Hurley, Editor-In-Chief

            (AUGUST 23, 2013)–Mark Roberts, new Vice President of Academic Affairs for Reinhardt, begins his journey as an Eagle this fall. Roberts, the former VPAA for Virginia Intermont College in Bristol, Virginia, is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University where he obtained both his Bachelors and Masters degrees in English literature.

Upon being asked why he made the decision to come to Reinhardt, Roberts commented that he had become familiar with Reinhardt while working at Virginia Intermont College, a similar size school, and he thought that it would, “be a good fit.” “I saw how Reinhardt was changing and growing into one of the bigger schools for private colleges and I was very impressed,” he said.

Roberts says that the Vice President of Academic Affairs is a leadership position to ensure academic quality at our institution. He works with faculty members and deans to set the agenda for improving academics, graduation rates, retention rates, and the honors program. When asked how he thinks he can contribute to making Reinhardt University a more dynamic college, he answered, “I come with four years of experience at a small liberal arts college similar to Reinhardt. Reinhardt is now in the process of transitioning into a larger college and I really want to be a part of that by helping add more graduate programs and exploring regional interests.”

In regard to the changes Reinhardt is currently experiencing as the university expands and the football program starts, Roberts commented, “The addition of sports, academic programs, and the delivery of programs is contributing to the evolution of Reinhardt’s community, making it more diverse. Institutions can’t remain the same forever. The key is to manage growth while maintaining sustainability and taking the next step forward.” He feels that Reinhardt students and faculty alike are ready to embrace these changes.

Roberts says that he is very pleased to be at Reinhardt and is optimistic about the 2013-2014 school year.


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